UK drought was driest in July since 1935: extreme heat on alert

The grip of the drought is also being felt in the UK: The driest month of July since 1935 has ended.

Gray skies over the Queen’s lands – but not last July. In fact, as revealed by the National Drought Group, last month in England was the driest since 1935, with average rainfall dropping just 35% to give some relief to the now barren and cracked soil. In other words, a hot alarm also rings in United kingdom, who was crushed by a fist drought At record intensity: In several parts of England and Wales, a warning of extreme temperatures has been set up, and today – Friday 12 August – many families will be affected by new restrictions on water use.


“Hot, dry weather means the Yorkshire rivers are running low and our reservoirs are about 20% less than we would expect at this time of year,” said Yorkshire Water, for example. Neil Dewes – Percentages and news that we are, unfortunately, well used to now: the levels of national rivers, including a little, It’s several meters below hydrometric zero, and the rains in the past few days have done nothing but create new damage. Meanwhile, the British environment minister said, George Eustice This week he urged water companies to take precautions to protect water supplies – precautions that, as mentioned, will lead to further restrictions on families: however, it is important to note that any drought announcements will only be in effect on a regional scale so they will not automatically activates government interventions.

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