What is Google concealing in its partnership with Spotify?

Title: Google Seeks to Seal Portions of User Choice Billing Agreement with Spotify Amid Ongoing Negotiations

In a recent court hearing, Google’s attorney, Glenn Pomerantz, has requested that certain sections of the company’s User Choice Billing agreement with Spotify be kept confidential due to potential harm to ongoing negotiations with undisclosed parties. Pomerantz’s suggestion highlights the significance of the undisclosed partnerships for Google’s future prospects.

Although Pomerantz did not reveal the names of the parties involved in the negotiations, it is clear that the disclosure of the Spotify deal could have a detrimental impact on Google’s negotiation efforts. These undisclosed negotiations hold considerable weight for Google’s strategic plans going forward.

The legal battle between Google and Epic Games, the publisher of the popular game Fortnite, has further complicated matters. In 2020, Epic Games sued Google over its in-app purchase fees on the Google Play Store, alleging that it constituted an unlawful monopoly. This lawsuit further intensified the scrutiny surrounding Google’s business practices.

Interestingly, Spotify, which was once a major ally of Epic in the fight against the “Apple tax” and “Google tax,” entered into a limited pilot program called “User Choice Billing” with Google in 2022. This program enables Spotify to bypass Google’s full fee on Android. However, Epic’s lead attorney, Gary Bornstein, implies that Spotify may have received preferential treatment in the deal and suggests that other app developers would seek similar terms if they were aware of the details.

Judge James Donato initially saw Google’s offer of its own billing system as a potential solution to Epic’s complaint. However, Epic disagrees, claiming that the terms of the deal remain anticompetitive, thereby leaving the matter unresolved between the two parties.

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It is worth noting that Google’s deals with other companies, including agreements to be the default search engine on phones and browsers, have been scrutinized in ongoing antitrust trials. These close evaluations of Google’s business practices indicate the broader implications of the current legal battles.

The decision regarding the disclosure of the Spotify deal numbers is yet to be determined, as the judge is reluctant to accept redacted documents filed in court. Both Epic Games and Google are arguing for and against the entry of specific portions of the agreement into evidence, underscoring the significance of the deal in question.

As the courtroom drama continues, the outcome of the legal battles between Google, Epic Games, and other undisclosed parties remains uncertain. The potential revelation of the Spotify deal’s details could significantly impact the ongoing negotiations and reshape the landscape of app store policies and business relationships.

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