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Do you want to know which currency is worth 40.000 Euro? It is one of the most incredible pieces of Italian coin collecting. It is surrounded by an aura of mystery and stories bordering on the unbelievable. It’s a real museum piece that, if found, could make the owner a fortune, or a piece of history.

For many collectors, this illusion is real, given the conditions of minting and the disappearance of at least two specimens from national museums. The fact remains that searching or discovering by chance can mean finding a treasure: let’s find out together what a coin is.

What currency is equal to 40,000 euros?

The coin we are talking about is 5 liras from the Kingdom of Italy minted in 1901. It is a 900 silver coin minted and produced by the Rome mint in only 114 examples. A 37 mm diameter coin weighing approximately 25 grams. The peculiarity of this coin was that it was an unissued coin: it served as a test to verify the effect of the print of the face of Vittorio Emanuele III, the new king of Italy, on a coin of the same width and then used as a shield, later issued.

Vittorio Emanuele III considered the coinage a piece of history to be passed down to future generations, a consciousness the king had due to the possession of different coinage collections from Europe from previous centuries. However, as mentioned, the two models in our museums were lost – and almost certainly stolen – without those responsible being found.

But the tales don’t end here: The 114 examples are “testimony” from a writing at the time, which states that they are the only coins preserved from metal reworks identified due to political and diplomatic issues related to the issue of that coin. .

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Description and value of 5 lira 1901

The face of Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy is imprinted on one side of the coin, surrounded by his name, and under his neck the name of the author of the coin, Speranza. The other side features the symbols of the House of Savoy: the Savoy eagle and the knot inside a small rectangle. Then the words for the Kingdom of Italy, the face value of the coin, the year of the 1901 mint and finally the symbol of the Rome mint appear.

Its estimated value of €40,000 is referred to the coin if SPL (brilliant) is saved. A possible specimen in Fior di Conio, apparently unobtainable, has an estimated value of 60-90 thousand euros. The coin is so precious and researched that even the original altered hand and any unreadable parts could mean owning something worth 14,000 euros. It should be borne in mind that generally unreadable coins, even partially, have very little value.

As in all cases, even for 5 Lire 1901, it is necessary to pay attention to possible fakes or replicas. Legend has it that some politicians in the early twentieth century may have used their influence to order the mint in Rome to mint “special” coins to reproduce the coin, so popular already a few years after it was produced.

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