Kamala Harris Makes History: The First Female Vice President and Her Future as President

I am here thanks to the women who have gone before meHarris tweeted right before taking office, recalling her mother who came to the United States from India and all those generations of “African American, Asian, White and Native American women who fought for equality, freedom and those who Continue to fight for their rights.. This historic moment was celebrated with a photo of Kamala and her two granddaughters Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state who tried to break the glass ceiling by running for the presidency of the United States in 2016.

Swear by two gospelsOne: Regina Shelton, the woman who was a “second mother” to Kamala and her sister Maya, and one of the civil rights icons who inspired her career, Thurgood Marshall. With 71 words of oath, Harris entered those little pink words Olympus at the head of the US government. All the while her husband Doug Imhoff watched with relief, and it was celebrated by millions of women across the United States who today wore the beloved pearls in her honor. Outgoing Vice President Mike Pence was staring at him, too. He and Harris couldn’t be more different. They only have one ambition: to become presidents. Both are looking forward to 2024, after Biden, who has just opened an era but who many expect it to last only four years. From the youngest senator in American history to the oldest president at the age of 78, In fact, Biden could be the leader of only one state, effectively opening the door to his running mate Which, according to many, for the next four years He will study as a supreme leader, Revolutionizing the traditional role of number two.

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A mysterious and minor role, but Kamala has changed radically only with his appointment. Not to mention, it would tip the balance in the Senate split precisely between 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. Harris would, if necessary, have the decisive vote to tip the scales toward his party. With her, a revolutionary second family also arrives in the “Watcher Ring Number One”, the modern counterpart to the more traditional Joe and Jill Biden family. A second family targets the White House in the not-too-distant future.

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