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In the ranking of contemporary epidemics that can afflict people, the influx of influencers is really very high: how Byron Bay, a coastal city in New South Wales, whose beaches are located in the far east of Australia. The beauty of its postcards has attracted the dozens of influencers who have resided in Byron Bay over the past two years. Pink sunsets, low houses, always beautiful weather, tropical flora and fauna: the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and natural lifestyle, yet also mesmerizing. So much so, that world famous people like Chris Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Zac Efron and Olivia Newton John also live in the area. Now to the celeb gods, it looks like they’re really raging at the beautiful Byron Bay. Netflix announced a few days ago the production of a new reality show with the title Untranslatable Byron Pace (my dear, Short for Before anyone else, Slang for best friend). Soap documentary, she says on Netflix Australia’s social media network, about the good life of a group of famous Instagrammers, with the perfect backdrop for the beaches of Byron Bay, luring influencers.

He wrote: We are neither a “potato magnet” nor the Truman Program, and we really have a lot of problems with the arrival of all these new residents. Mayor Simon Richardson In the petition asking the authorities to deny permission to shoot in a Byron Bay production. The collective reach of these socialites has already brought about many changes in society. Byron Bay has a population of about 9,000. They have actually collected, door to door, six thousand signatures against the Netflix series. Referendum. The citizens of Byron Bay, who have reigned since the 1970s in their fashion-resistant hippie spirit, seem to be expressing what they’re thinking about not just Byron Pace But also from the same new citizens, the powerful.

But who are they? Byron Pace’s virtual team has been kept a secret through the production, which only reveals the composition: not only will there be influencers from the fashion world, but there will also be characters from the old hippie keeper in town. guardian Julian Morgans, program author. For the rest, even the animals are new citizens of the Byron boat. Among the pioneers, London-based Courtney Adamo, with the family: They arrived on the coast in 2015 looking for a gap year, and now they have three children who greatly support collaborations with brands of all kinds. Other names for local influencers: Amelia Fullarton, Lena Katerick, Mia Taninaka, Nina Taninaka. A group of homicidal moms, or surfers, who seem to be permanently on vacation in bright clothes, little babies and big smiles. It didn’t take long to grab media attention: 2019 article published by Vanity Fair Titled The Coast of Utopia is dedicated to Kill A newly created Byron Bay dam opened for invasion. With the usual bites: many residents leave and rent their homes; Then the prices go up. Citizens feel expelled by the new arrivals. But Keio Minh Lu, head of Netflix for Australia and New Zealand, told the local press that the show is largely self-writing. Being able to shoot it with an entire country against another account.

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