Watch the Italy-Austria-Belgium-Portugal match broadcast live on ABC channels

Saturday, noon (ESPN, PrendeTV)

Denmark’s 4-1 victory over Russia at the end of the group stage is a happy story that captivated football fans around the world. Dancing is no longer a home feature, but it should be a home away from home in Amsterdam. Danish fans will be accepted into the grandstand, and Johan Groff began his career with Christian Eriksen Ajax in the arena.

Wales knows a few things about European fairy tales, which reached the semi-finals in 2016. Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey are leading the Dragons’ attempt to get back there this time.

Saturday, 15:00 (6ABC, PrendeTV)

How many times have we called the Italian team entertainment? No team has been better in a team role than this young, free-wheeling prick. He set a perfect record of three thrilling victories, scored seven goals and conceded nothing. The team’s total undefeated streak is 29 games.

Austria has a valuable team led by David Alaba and Marcel Sabitzer, but Italy would prefer to win and advance. ABC would also like to win, because the great American fan base in Italy will help the music in time for a large audience.

Saturday, 7 p.m. (Paramount+)

The stars of both teams made it the most important game in the NFL. But this time the light will be on someone else. Sophia Smith of Portland was a candidate for an Olympic substitute, but she was unsuccessful. This will be the last major tournament the 20-year-old has lost in a long time. Since he won’t be going to Tokyo, he immediately became one of the favorites to win this year’s NWSL Gold title.

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Sunday, Noon (ESPN, PrendeTV)

The Dutch qualified for the round of 16, but some were under the supervision of Frank de Boer, who scored the most goals in the group stage. Yet he is in positions: Giorgino Wijnoldam three and Memphis Depay eight for two.

The Czech Republic beat Scotland and reduced to a draw with Croatia. The winner of this match will face Wales or Denmark in the quarter.

Sunday, 15:00 (ABC, Univision, DTN)

With Romano Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne facing Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes, the most famous match of the European Championship will be out of 16. This would not be a goal because these teams play with defense and play with offense. But it will surely grab the attention of the world.

Sunday, 5 p.m. (Fox, Univision, and Tooden)

Sunday, 5 p.m. (FS2, Calavisian)

Most fans adjusting to these simultaneous Copa America kicks will watch Neymar attempt to lead Brazil to a perfect four-match winning streak in the group stage. But the big game in Philadelphia is Venezuela and Peru.

Jose Andres Martinez and Vinodino will reach the quarter-finals with a victory, and Ecuador will do so in the event of a tie in case of defeat. They can also go ahead with a defeat if Ecuador deviates and ends with a goal difference.

Dominica, 20:00 (FS1, Fox Deportes)

This weekend’s MLS game pits the crew against a team about to finish. Austin Football Club owner Anthony Precord initially wanted to move the team to Austin, but significant fan opposition led to the new owners buying the rights to Columbus.

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Nevertheless, Precourt received her team as an accessory decorator, which pleased everyone in the owners’ rooms. But bad feelings still lingered among Columbus fans. If this game is in Ohio rather than Texas, it’s Game of the Year.

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Monday noon (ESPN, PrendeTV)

If you thought this would be a match between Croatian Luka Modric and his Spanish team at Real Madrid, you are wrong. There are no real players in this Spanish team. But he has players familiar to Modric. Ten of the team members play in La Liga, and many have faced him in the Champions League.

Monday, 3 p.m. (ESPN, BrentTV)

The last time a French team lined up was in the group stage, which won the 2018 World Cup. To no one’s surprise, team manager Didier Deschamps hasn’t managed the style yet, but it’s still disappointing. Kylian Mbabane and Paul Pogba are said to be the best. Will Descombs allow the rest of his team to get rid of him?

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Monday, 20:00 (FS1, UniMás, TUDN)

Monday, 20:00 (FS2, Calavisian)

Had Paraguay defeated Chile 2-0 on Thursday, Argentina would not have officially finished first in Group C at the Copa America. This is expected to happen on Monday as Bolivia lost all three matches. Uruguay occupies fourth place, but will advance to second place with a victory at the expense of Paraguay.

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