watchOS 10 will make changes to the interface

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg Mark Gorman Reports indicate that the upcoming release of watchOS 10 will include significant changes, including significant updates to the user interface.

watchOS 10 It will be officially presented during the main WWDC conference in June. This week, Apple confirmed that the conference will begin at June 5thduring which, in addition to the new operating systems, the launch of the first should also arrive AR/VR device apple.

watchOS design hasn’t changed much in recent years. Recent releases over the past few years have brought improvements to features like activity tracking and a handful of new watch faces. Gurman thinks this year will really be different the new software update will bring Many important innovations.

I think the new watchOS should be a fairly major update, with notable changes in the user interface, unlike iOS 17. It’s important that watchOS has a big year as updates to the Apple Watch hardware will be far from major.

Gurman previously said that iOS 17 will introduce some interesting innovations (albeit a few) that users have been asking for the most. However, in terms of hardware, there should be no major news for the Apple Watch lineup this year. Actually, the first Apple Watch with a micro-LED display It should only arrive within the year 2024.


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