Trump: ‘The attack on Capitol Hill is the largest movement in the history of the United States’ – Politics

‘The Greatest Movement in Our Country’s History’: This is how Donald Trump defined the Capitol attack on Truth, his new social platform. “The Unselected Committee — Trump writes, referring to the House Committee — did not spend a single minute examining why people went to Washington, in huge numbers, in far more numbers than Fake News Media intended to report. Jan. 6 — it wasn’t just It was a protest, it was the biggest movement in our country’s history to make America great again.” “It was about a rigged and stolen election, and about a country that was about to go to hell, looking at our country now,” Trump notes. “The unelected committee of political thugs, essentially the same group that brought you the Russia hoax (and many others) now completely exposed and discredited, has refused to study and report on the vast and irrefutable amount of evidence, much of which has been produced recently, Which shows how the 2020 presidential election was rigged and stolen,” he continues, releasing his unfounded thesis on fraud.
The billionaire also accuses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the metropolitan mayor of rejecting his proposal “to deploy up to twenty thousand National Guard or soldiers, because it was known that there would be a very large crowd.” “If they had accepted the offer, there would not have been January 6th,” he says. And the hearings, according to the billionaire, are “another hoax not to mention inflation.” (Dealing).

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