Vox wants to save the crosses from the Christian phobia that is progressing in Spain

FoxThe Spanish right-wing party, responds to Christianophobia That is developing in the Iberian country, and requires an inventory of Crosses In public places to protect them.

The initiative was launched by the municipal group from Vox that sits on the town hall for ZaragozaHowever, it appears that it is slated to spread to other cities in SpainWhere he led the party Santiago Abascal Its representatives got elected.

Vox consultant in the municipality of Zaragoza Carmen Rocco Explain through one Press ConferenceChristian crossesOne of the most characteristic and typical elements of Spain’s cultural wealthThey denounced that they were passing by. “Manifestations of outright hatred“Represent”Severe attacks on the cultural sensitivity and faith of our people“.

The woman also criticized left-wing forces such as BSO (Socialist Party) by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his allies Box. According to Carmen Rocco, the attack on religious symbols in Spain can be attributed toIdeological laws, enacted by the Socialist Workers Party, and which were not repealed by the People’s Party when it had the opportunity and ability to do so.Also according toSpanish Association of Christian LawyersCrosses are removed from public places mainly in municipalities ruled by Socialists and Podemos.

Crosses are often discarded because of their supposed “Francoist” origins, but also thanks to the application of the so-called “The Law of Historical MemoryIssued by the king, not without controversy Juan Carlos I. During a government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

During the last municipal plenary session held last Friday 26 February, the Municipal Group of Vox in the Municipal Council of Zaragoza asked the local government, together with the Archbishop, to prepare an inventory of Christian crosses for the city to protect this heritage from Christianophobia. The Motion text Invites you to send this inventory to the relevant ministry of the Government of Aragon for the legal protection of crosses in public places by declaring Assets of cultural significance. Vox consultants write about the proposal we’re seeing in Spain.Atrocities against Christian culture, history and faith, which constitute serious attacks on cultural sensitivity and the faith of our loved onesFor the advocates of the Pascal Party, it is completely incomprehensible that such people exist in Spain.Manifestations of outright hatredAs it happened recently to dismantle and destroyBarefoot cross“, Loaded onto a large truck and dumped into a Moriles. Vox landfill just on that occasion.” Advertise Which would have made proposals in all municipalities to regard the crosses as assets of cultural significance.

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The ties of our society, our culture and our traditions to the Catholic religion go back to the birth of our nation and continue to this day in tangible and intangible manifestations throughout our homeland.Vox consultants wrote in movement. “Regardless of the current personal religious beliefs of Spaniards, it is true that Spain’s history as a country is linked to Christianity“It is no coincidence that 48 Spanish sites are recognized as World heritage site D.UNESCOIn most cases, these sites are expressions of religious beliefs, especially Christianity.

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