The Brazilian Supreme Court confirmed the annulment of the corruption convictions of former President Lula

The Brazilian Supreme Court on Thursday April 15th Confirmed that Revoke the corruption convictions of former President Lula, who would then be able to run for the 2022 presidential elections. With 8 votes in favor and 3 against, so the Supreme Court confirmed the monochromatic decision of March 8th. Was taken Court judge, Edson Fashin. Attorney General Augusto Aras appealed against Fachin’s decision, who appealed to the vote request from all Supreme Court justices.

Fashin had canceled the judgments issued by the Federal Court of Curitiba, arguing that he had no jurisdiction to hear these cases and that trials relating to these charges should be repeated in the capital court of Brasilia.

Lula is 75 years old and was President of Brazil from 2003 to 2011. For many years he was the leader of the Labor Party, the main Brazilian left party. He had been convicted of receiving an apartment as a bribe under scandal-related circumstances in recent years Petrobras involved, The large state oil company in Brazil. According to Judge Fashin, the charges against Lula were not closely related to the scandal and for this reason Lula should not have been tried in Curitiba, where the investigation had begun in Petrobras.

Was not He entered prison in 2018 Although it He was released the following year While awaiting the end of judicial appeals, he lost his political rights, including the possibility to run again in the presidential elections.

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