Voters reject Biden: “he’s mentally unfit.”

Half of potential US voters fear the president’s mental health Joe Biden. The data came from a survey he published Rasmussen ReportsWhich states that the new tenant in the White House is not.Physically and mentally equally. ” From his office. Fifty percent of the respondents expressed serious doubts about the president’s health, while 48 percent trust him. Eligibility.

The suspicions of most American citizens will be dictated by a series of episodes that have raised the alarm regarding the circumstances Psychophysical By Biden. First of all, the lack of confrontation with the president’s press that entered. “Solemn silence50 days since January 20, since taking office at the White House, Joe Biden He has not yet issued a press conference, which led to the bewilderment and Insomnia About the reason for this decision. No president in the history of the US presidency has shied away from the press for long, and now voters are asking why.

In recent months, the conservative media has not failed to confirm Slip The boss, who recently became the hero of some strange episodes for sure. In recent days, the Presidency suddenly cut off live broadcasts without warning, just as journalists were asking the president questions, as if to keep him away from potential “slips”. On March 9, Biden again became the hero of the novel The Slip, or rather, Moment memory loss. During a speech on International Women’s Day, Biden, in public embarrassment, doesn’t even seem to remember the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. “I want to thank … the former general, I still describe him as a general.” … my … the man who runs that group over there ”The president said in apparent confusion, describing Austin as “ The man in uniformRumors of a form of dementia by the President of the United States had been marked by the President of the United States throughout the months leading up to his election, but Biden had always silenced chatter and jokes about him, claiming that he suffers from some form of dyslexia.

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