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Concerns are growing about Navalny’s health. The Russian dissident on hunger strike since March 31 was transferred from the prison clinic to his cell where – we now know – He is threatened with forced feeding every day: She lost 15 kilos Since his arrival in prison last month, eight of them have been fasting.
Given the seriousness of the hunger strike, the administration threatens to feed forcefully every day. His Twitter account reports that they are still not asking a doctor.
The law permits forced feeding of a detainee in Russia in three ways: orally, anal, or intubated. Treatment considered by human rights defenders A form of torture.

Navalny has been held since February in Ik-2 prison in Pokrov, 100 kilometers from Moscow, after he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for systematically violating the terms of parole while he was recovering in Germany from the poisoning attempt.

The opponent began a hunger strike at the end of March to demand adequate treatment for the back pain that had spread in a man who had lost consciousness. On his Instagram account, the defector explained: I have declared this hunger strike and asked for the law to be respected and to be examined by a doctor. And so I’m lying down and hungry, but right now with two feet. According to his lawyer, Navalny complained that he was left in his cell in torture-like conditions. Do not sleepAnd suffers from Days of pain in the back and right leg. However, the Prisons Service confirmed in a note that the man was receiving the necessary medical assistance.

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Her deteriorating condition was reported on April 6 by her lawyer, Olga Mikhailova: Navalny has two sliding pirates and he is losing sensation in his hands, too. But for prison doctors, a hernia is difficult to treat.

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