USA, on September 24 at the White House summit with India, Australia and Japan. Biden will speak at the United Nations on the twenty-first

Washington – US President Joe Biden Hosts the first QUAD Leaders Summit at the White House on September 24 with the Australian Prime Minister Scott MorrisonIndian Narendra Modi Japanese Yoshihide Suga. The US presidency announced that the summit would be personal.

“Hosting the Quartet leaders demonstrates the Biden-Harris administration’s priority to engage in the Indo-Pacific also through new multilateral formations to address the challenges of the twenty-first century, address the climate crisis, collaborate on emerging technologies and cyberspace and promote a free and open Indo-Pacific,” stated in the White House memo.

Then White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the summit would also be an opportunity to deepen cooperation in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is an informal strategic alliance put together to contain China. Prior to the summit, Joe Biden will be at the United Nations for the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, where he will deliver a personal speech.

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