The Super League, women’s clubs have more drawbacks than benefits

By Julia Begini

Birth Premier League On the initiative of twelve of the richest and most famous European clubs, it immediately caused visible reactions of opposition from FIFA, UEFA and national federations, in the name of merit and Popular value Football, with threats to exclude the teams participating in their respective domestic leagues and their members from the upcoming European tournaments.

To be in the midst of this storm, as reported telegraphWithout even being asked about it, there is Female counterparts From participating clubs. The statement announcing the birth of the Premier League read: “After the start of the men’s competition as soon as possible, the corresponding women’s league will be launched to contribute to the development and progress of women’s football.”

If on the one hand the consideration is almost surprising, then on the other hand it is not surprising that that which was presented by founding clubs, more than one draft, appears to be a promise, made. More for practice Of intention. Of the twelve teams that sit at the Premier League table, in fact, the only team that has won the UEFA Women’s Champions League once isArsenalWhile nine clubs did not qualify. Among the Italians, he was Juventus He is in his fourth year in the Italian Serie A Milan To the third andInterHe is currently ranked eighth in the second place.

The Manchester United, Who from 2005-2018 rejected the call to create her own women’s team, is now fourth in the English championship, the Women’s Premier League, which also seems to indicate a superficial reflection on the name chosen for the new tournament. The Liverpool Instead he plays in the second division and missed the promotion again this year.

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Assuming therefore, as in the case of clubs, that the Premier League stays side by side with the national championships and the current UEFA Women’s Champions League, then this means more matches, leading to Increase the technical level Accentuate movement. The competition will ensure many more unprecedented fights than the male version, as well as being more physically sustainable for players than their teammates, considering the national calendars are much less intense.

Punishing the tournament’s competitiveness, however, would be approx Complete absence From Merit To arrive. Given that equal teams between males and females may be the only time that should not be done, some of the movement’s historic teams will remain excluded from the competition, such as Olympique Lyonnais, the Champions League winner in the last five matches who were knocked out just a few days ago. By Paris Saint-Germain, another absent, the Germans Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich and the Swedes from Rosengard. The imbalance is only partially resolvable Assuming correct Likewise, for women, the possibility of adding other clubs to 12 regular participations for sporting benefits.

Exclusion instead of national championships as threatened by the European Union in addition to Impoverishment of its unbelievable competitiveness, That would force a review of both the three-year agreement the first English series signed with BBC and Sky Sport, and the new financial model for the Champions League, which should include, according to guardian, And redistribute $ 10 million From male to female pounds and a single broadcaster. These are not just a detail given that UEFA has certainly not facilitated the enjoyment of the biggest European women’s club competition to date, with quarter-finals matches such as Barcelona and Manchester City scheduled to take place at 12:30 on Wednesday and can be seen in broadcast only. From this season on sites like Ata Football and Wnited.

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On the other hand, as reported Adnkronos, Superlega will pay a contribution for MutualismIn favor of women’s football, youth soccer and grassroots football, on an equal footing 434 million General for the next 23 years. For the first division, losing Juventus, AC Milan and Inter means thwarting the progress made in the past five years and possibly returning professionalism to doubts. The implications for the national team are also great: while Mancini must drop 8 of the 38 players called up for the last qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup, Melina Bertolini 16 of the 35 players called up for the last friendly match against Iceland must be abandoned, including 8 of the 11 starting players.

Some players have already voiced themselves on this issue, first and foremost Ada Heigerberg Who, as the five-time Champions League winner and the best goalscorer in the tournament’s history, emphasized the importance of merit in sport. In a historical period when women’s football was finally heading towards a sustainable economic model, with human participation, greater audience participation, TV rights agreements and investors of the caliber of Serena Williams, Natalie Portman, and Chelsea Clinton in the United States, this agreement is where women’s clubs will be drawn from Likely to be More defects What are the benefits. Tug of war is still a long way from being declared a winner, and the timing of any changes in the women’s tournaments will likely remain long.

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