Programming for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the United States today, October 23, by Sky and Tv8

Formula 1 programming
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Formula 1 GP in the US on October 23-24, all appointments on Sky TV8 and streaming on NOW.

Weekend Motors with Formula 1 awaits the US Grand Prix With significantly different times than usual and the evening qualifying and racing schedules on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October on Sky Sport Uno and F1, currently Streaming and postponed on Tv8.

Carlo Vanzini F1 comments with Mark Type In direct contact from the Ferrari box NSfrom the inside Roberto Chinchero. Federica Masoline She is the host and hostess, flanked by David Valcichi In visions before and after the race. Technical analysis is entrusted to Matteo Bobby, interviews with Mara pit reporter SanGiorgio.

Formula 1 programming today October 23

Here is the schedule for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the United States on Saturday 23 October

  • Raw 19.45: Paddock Live
  • 20: Free Practice 3 F1
  • Ore 21: Paddock Live
  • 22.15: #skymotori
  • Raw 22.30: Paddock Live
  • 23: F1 Qualifiers – restart from 1.00 on TV8
  • Ore 24.15: Paddock Live

Appointments for Sunday, October 24th

Here are the dates for Formula 1 on Sunday 24 October

  • Raw 19.30: Paddock Live
  • 21: F1 Race – Replay from 11pm on TV8
  • Ore 23: Paddock Live
  • 24: Anatomy of the F1 Race

Appointments on TV8

houseOrmula 1 in clarity is Tv8 Sky’s free terrestrial digital channel (also on Sky 121). Qualifying and racing are lagging and lagging behind at some Grand Prix races and this week for the US Grand Prix they are delayed, here are the main events on Tv8:

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  • 00:05 I go to Verstappen’s private Max
  • 00:35 Pre-qualification
  • 1:00 Delayed qualifying
  • 2:20 after qualifying


  • 22:55 postponed race
  • 1:10 Post Gara

Formula 1 in flow

The Formula 1 is now live on the air In parallel with Sky Sport, as well as in navigation on Sky Go for subscribers. The live broadcast is also available for the delayed broadcast of tv8 on

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