The roar of a Washington F-16 at a plane flying over the city and crashing in Virginia – video

A lightweight Cessna 560 Citation V crashed in southwest Virginia after flying over Washington. Some F-16s took off immediately after the warning but did not shoot them down. There were four people on board. Security cameras recorded the roar generated as the F-16s took off. Walls and windows shook for miles. The FAA has said that aircraft interference is common when someone is flying unsafely.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said the fighters “responded to an unresponsive Cessna 560 Citation V over Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia.” Rescuers later reached the crash site. All passengers are dead. The aircraft was registered to Encore Motors of Melbourne, Florida, according to FAA records. Some of his family members, including his daughter, granddaughter and nanny, were on board, said John Rumple, the husband of the president of the company that operates Barbara’s plane. They were returning home to East Hampton, New York after a trip to North Carolina. The granddaughter was two years old.

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