The new sub variant of Omicron

the centaur

Seems to spread faster than Omicron BA.5

It can be associated with more serious diseases. For this it is required

under close watch

both of


European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, both

Who is the

World Health Organization, although studies of the greater risk are still ongoing.

“It is difficult to predict the effect of many mutations that appear together: they give the virus a ‘wildcard’ property in which the sum of the parts can be worse than the single parts,” he explained to guardian Virologist at Imperial College London,

Tom Peacock

which was the first in November to locate Omicron. According to Peacock, the Centaurus subvariant “is definitely a potential candidate for what’s to come after BA.5. If not, that’s probably the kind of thing we’ll have next, and it’s kind of a substitute.”

“Last year we were pretty convinced that Delta represented the evolutionary culmination of the virus, but the emergence of Omicron and the massive increase in variability and evasiveness of antibodies is a sign that we, as a society, cannot follow a similar plan. – Flu to keep pace with viral evolution,” he noted, instead ,

Stephen Griffin

Virologist at the University of Leeds.

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