A teqball game with Di Maria, Pogba and Alex Sandro

Two weeks after the expiration of his contract with Juventus Paulo Dybala still nobody unrelated gold World football. It might still be for a few days, or maybe a few hours, and the fact is that Joya has not yet cleared her reservations about her future, and to help clear her mind once and for all, she has opted for a day out with friends. Strictly Juventus.

Dybala, football and tennis match with Di Maria is waiting for a new adventure

In fact, the story was published in Instagram By Angel Di Maria, who immortalized himself in summer more than ever with Dybala himself after a match teqball A type of soccer tennis especially loved by Argentines. And it doesn’t end here, because it was also a very uncertain duo who was involved in the game Alex Sandro And the Paul PogbaDi Maria’s new companions and old Dybala friends, are aptly tagged by Fideo in the Story.

Juventus, training match with Pinerolo: Di Maria applauded on the spot

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Juventus, training match with Pinerolo: Di Maria applauded on the spot

Dybala, Pogba and the “relay” No. 10

In short, one home Among his teammates, Di Maria and Dybala, wrestlers in Argentina 3-0 against Italy in ultimate The first of last June, between the old and new Juventus players, but also between the old and new Juventus players. 10 Bianconeri numbersIf it is true that Pogba left the most sought-after shirt for Dybala in 2016, he took it back from the Argentine a few weeks ago after Goya bid farewell to the planet Juventus at the end of seven successful seasons.

Decisive hours for Dybala’s future

So Dybala looked smiling, far from worrying about the current situation of the free agent and the doubts of the past few weeks, between the offers of Italian clubs and the frantic waiting for the player and his entourage to find the right place to restart, two months of tears after the last match with Juventus, which was played last May 16 against Lazio. All while Di Maria was trying to capture Paulo’s wand in the hearts of Juventus fans, already to the sound of goals, magic and Amazing plays In the first friendly matches.

Dybala, now Roma on pole

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Dybala, now Roma on pole

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