The 40 winning codes. Installments from 10 to 25 thousand euros –

The 15 winning codes in the weekly competition on August 5, 2021 from lottery receipt, each awarding 25 thousand euros. The Customs and Monopoly Agency has also released 25 additional weekly prize winning tokens of €10,000 each. Thus, Riffa de Stato, which rewards paid receipts with electronic gadgets issued by authorized retailers and merchants, rewards 40 other consumers.

The prize rewards Campania and Sardinia

The extraction was lucky for Campania. In the Weekly Receipt Sweepstakes on Thursday, August 5, one of the €10,000 bonus prizes ended up in Salerno, thanks to a €56 cashout at a nearby workout. “Extra” victories also in La Spezia, Milan and Verona. Among the weekly earnings of 25 thousand euros, the profit based in Sardinia, in Sassari, with a receipt of 22 euros, always stands out in the affinity exercise. over here, All weekly prize winners from the lottery portal Managed by the Customs and Monopoly Agency.

How to win and who can participate

The voucher lottery “rewards” the purchases of goods and services (worth at least 1 euro) paid electronic tools And in shops and merchants who transfer fees electronically. Receipts are converted into virtual tickets that are valid for participation in the state’s “Lottery” raffles. unlike State cashback The other initiative to encourage digital payments that the Conte government is promoting, at the moment Archived by Mario Draghi’s government – Receipt lotteries continue to operate and reward consumers.

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