Facebook: Pages are changing, no likes

Goodbye “liked”, hello “follow”, after a long period of coexistence The social networking site Facebook He prepares to say goodbye to the number and key that has worked on the page for so long, and replace it with a solution that might make more sense. over there the decision Part of a series of changes through which Menlo Park wants to review the entire experience within these sections of the social network, making it, in the intentions of Asad Awan, Head of Public Communications and Income Generation, more meaningful and enjoyable for everyone. Changes have begun in this hour and will slowly spread to the entire social network.

Since the inception of Facebook Pages, “likes” have been a way of determining how many people really interested and wanted to see them appear in their news feed. A key number for deciding to succeed and showing everyone how powerful your community is.

However, after the introduction of “follow”, meaning the ability to follow page updates without clicking “Like,” a certain confusion arose, especially in social media administrators, who were unable to determine with certainty which of the two numbers was more important with this rotation. The situation should be clearer.

Partly philosophical change as well. The fact that we like something automatically predicts a positive judgment of taste, one adopts that reason, but when we pursue something, we may simply be interested in receiving updates, without appreciating it. On the other hand, often the value counted within a social network is satisfaction almost at all, but interest, even when it is negative.

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