Test the opinions and dimensions of the Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid Premiere 4X4 technical sheet

Almost never “thirsty”

in the city
By adopting a smooth ride and making the most of the lithium-ion battery recharge phases, when braking and decelerating, with Toyota Yaris Cross It is possible to consume very little: we measured 23.8 km / l, and go up to 2.5 km in electric mode. The suspension packs the holes well, but is a little rough on bars and gravel.

outside the city
there Toyota Yaris Cross It is also spared on out-of-town roads, where its handling, hybrid regularity (with a measured fuel consumption of 22.7 km/l) and precise steering are appreciated. It is a pity that in decisive acceleration or uphill “speed” is broken by the “scooter effect” generated by the transmission.

On the highway
at 130 km / h, aerodynamic noise is well filtered; The 1.5, which operates at 3000 rpm, maintains a low hum that doesn’t bother you (but does make its presence felt once it accelerates, perhaps for overtaking). consumption Toyota Yaris Cross It is not a record (13.9 km / l), due to the chances of recharging in less frequent idling than in city or government traffic. braking efficiency.

Off the track
AWD-i from Toyota Yaris Cross It is designed to provide assistance only when needed, making driving on slippery surfaces safer; So it is not suitable for demanding off-road driving. In addition, the ground clearance of 16 cm is the same as the height in two-wheel drive. However, the car does well in the mud, thanks to the Trail driving mode.

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