ASL Scheme to compensate for exams that have been suspended due to equipment failure

Six weeks: This is the recovery time Nuclear medicine exams Patients from Lanciano and Chieti. This indication was expressed by the general manager of ASL Thomas Schael who gathered this morning the director of the operating unit Gianluigi Martino, the technical staff and the strategic management of the company to assess the services deferred and suspended due to the failure of some. equipment.

During the meeting, technical solutions were identified that allow to overcome the deadlock and quickly recall people receiving assistance who have not been served. Therefore, the obligation is to give the necessary response to the citizens in a short and accurate time, and at the same time evaluate all aspects, of logistical and economic kind, to equip the Hospital of Chieti with a fixed Pet-Tac developed in nuclear medicine.

Again this morning, a point was also made about restoring queues on the CAT scan front in light of the investments already made that have strengthened the technology pool with the purchase of two new diagnostics, bringing in a total of 8 times definitely improved, which corresponds to that of The indicators of the Ministry of Health determine them on the basis of priority categories, starting with the “short” chapter that sets the useful time for taking the test to ten days. For those assisted who did not find an appointment available at the time of booking the Cup, “take responsibility” was activated, i.e. the method by which a citizen is contacted after a few days to make an appointment. From November to today, 92 citizens who didn’t have a date available in the first place were guaranteed a response: they were called back as soon as empty seats were found by the recall service.

In the Lanciano hospital, in particular, the numbers speak for themselves and document an activity that denies fictional constructions, bordering on slander: between November and December 64 CT scans, 63 MRIs, 120 cardiac visits and 141 dermatological visits booked. On top of bookable services, the Waiting Lists Government operating unit has reported availability as of today: Urgent Cardiac visit prior to available date Dec 20, CAT scan in short category Dec 23, Dermatological visit prior to availability Jan 9.

“We are working a lot on queues and we are already seeing the first results – explains Schell – the effects of the investments and the actions put in place will be more estimable as the weeks go by, because with the arrival of the new we also offer, to which is also added the important work of the recall that restores previously occupied sites by users and which Users abandon it at the last moment, and it will be less difficult to obtain services.”

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