Tactical Nuclear Penguins for the first time in the UK

The Tactical Nuclear Penguins continue to achieve significant milestones in their youth career as a band. After the 2022 that left its mark, in fact, this year they are preparing for the first time in Italian stadiums. Meanwhile, she also adds a date to their date list, for the first time, in the UK.

A year full of successes for those who carried me Tactical Nuclear Penguins Which paved the way for a new path that will see them land this summer in the Italian stadiumsAnd for the first time. But their success also comes outsideContrary to what they thought a few months ago. The music group, in fact, advertises First date in Londonin the UK.

Tactical Nuclear Penguins in Concert, Photo Courtesy of the Press Office – VelvetMag

From Bergamo to the Italian arenas, up to the stadiums and now abroad too. The tactical nuclear penguins keep running without any obstacle towards international success. Maneskins have already succeeded, and they also want to try. One of the characteristics that always distinguishes them is precisely their characteristics simplicity, in music even in their band. This is for them authenticity It led them to the notoriety they enjoy today, more than their entire career.

The past year has been very significant for their musical journey. between songs Young wannabewhich was the most listened to on radio, second Earone Airplay reportAnd Four times platinumAnd memorieswithin a few weeks double platinum. The last surprise for their fans before the year closed out was the release of Fake news, an album that comes after the long reflection that these last three years of the pandemic have led us to. And after announcing the tour in Italian stadiums, and for the first time, the band announces its first live date in London, at London Palladium.

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The Tactical Nuclear Penguins travel as far away as London and add seats to stadium tour dates

After stopping in United States of America To Lake Placid in New York for universitiestactical nuclear penguins step up to Londonat the next London Palladium April 10th. The prestigious English theater is the perfect place to welcome Aghani The band is multi-platinum which over the years has managed to conquer the Italian and now increasingly international public. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to bring our music abroad and gain increased international visibility. We can’t waitHe said the band is just over a month into their first full road trip.

History of the UK's Nuclear Tactical Penguins
UK Tactical Nuclear Penguins in concert, Photo Courtesy of the Press Office – VelvetMag

Meanwhile, it is getting closerAn eagerly awaited tour in Italian stadiums to be held in the summer. After the necessary technical checks and safety checks, in fact, and the constant demand of the public, the tactical nuclear penguins New seats added available for sold out dates. In fact, in a few days the dates will be in Milan at the San Siro and one of the dates in Rome will be immediately. sold out. L’last date In addition to the list of appointments is CampofoloOn September 9, which will end his tour.

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