Starfield has a new release period in early 2023 –

starfield It seems to have exit period A little more specific about 2023according to new information that can be found in the Microsoft Store, on the Xbox Game Pass sign-in page.

Small text associated with the Bethesda game states that Starfield “is expected inearly 2023‘, in English with the definition of ‘early 2023’ which usually refers to the first quarter of the year, thus reducing the previously more ambiguous time window when the game was launched.

With the announcement of Starfield being delayed compared to the initial November date, in fact, Bethesda spoke to Microsoft about 2023 and then about “the first half of 2023”, thus opening up many different possibilities for the release.

Starfield: Fine print visible on Xbox Game Pass subscription page

Based on this writing in the Microsoft Store, which appears on the Xbox Game Pass subscription page as shown in the image above, it appears that the expected release period for Starfield may be closer and perhaps even more likely. The first quarter of 2023.

At this point, we are waiting for more information about the game inXbox and Bethesda Gallery, bearing in mind that on this occasion something more concrete than what we have seen so far has to be shown. A demo of Starfield’s gameplay is definitely now being made after the first trailer in the engine and many more artworks shown so far, so remember the date set for June 12, 2022 at 7 PM with the Xbox conference and June 14 with the second demo Xbox demo extended .

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