Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gold one month before release date –

It’s been four years since the latest chapter of Mass Effect arrived and fourteen years since the first title of the saga hit store shelves around the world. Now, the saga is about to return, specifically with Legendary version of Mass Effect, A modified version of the first three chapters of the saga. The release date is May 14, but now already The game is gold.

By “gold”, in case you don’t know, we are referring to the version of the game that is believed to be ready for print and distribution. Nowadays, the gold version tends to be incomplete and developers are using the remaining time to do the D1 patch to fix the latest issues. So he said, The team celebrates this occasion, As you can see in a tweet from Mac Walters, director of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition project.

Mac Walters, in translation, says: “Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now gold! It’s been a long journey – it’s time to party a little. Maybe even a little dance … if that’s your thing.” the game So it is ready and we can make sure that there will be no delay. On May 14th, we will have the opportunity to have PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X releases | S. Moreover, the community manager recently clarified many details about the fun novelties of these three games.

Finally, we point out that Mass Effect Legendary Edition works without the Nintendo Switch, at least for now.

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