Stardust is closing its first year with more than 9 million in turnover. CEO Giacomeni: “We now aim to triple that number”

stardust Closes the first year of activity a Over 9 million euros in sales, over 70 brands in the portfolio, and over 1 million original content produced with 35 million hours of watch time and 15 billion views across platforms.

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for the purpose of Creating the world of influencer marketing, the Association Founded thanks to the initiative of the founders Simon Giacomeni (Executive Director), Antonino MiraAnd Alan TonettiAnd Fabrizio Ferragozzo so Ituri Dori, and has already won the trust and support of major investors such as Chemistry Box and the Consul GroupThe core accelerator for project development in Italy and abroad.

Stardust is able to create creative content perfectly aligned with tone of voice Brands and the language of social platforms, amplified by a large network of their creators: “We have imagined and created this network according to the logic of the media. A true media uniting an audience of millions of people To study the best communication message and control of brand ownership and assured KPIs”, CEO Giacomeni explains in a meeting with the press.

Stardust depends on what’s next 500 Creator It is also a very specific physical place, where influencers are born and/or perfect their skills: Stardust House, which we opened in Brianza, is the first Italian content house and an extraordinary center for content creators. There our talents follow the courses, we live the days with the support of coaches who help them experience content production as a job, training them in the dynamics of communication, while juggling their daily obligations, such as school,” adds Alan Tonetti, who was personally involved in sponsoring the network.

“The power of Stardust has been intuition to unite a huge audience with influencers, not because as a brand I associate myself with a known face, but because I am close to the audience that follows it, no matter who it is. This generates a scalable system and huge numbers,” adds Antonino Mayra.

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In short, Stardust is not a talent agency, but an agency A creative home that is able to use social media as platforms and act like mediaRegardless of the talent involved: “What we aim for is to give back a result to brands, while allowing our creators to grow, train, and build a future that can also be out of this world,” Simone Giacomini adds.

A formula that has already convinced customers the standards of Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Friends & Partners and also brands such as AC Milan, Aw Lab, Citroën, Carrera, FCA, SKY, Game Stop, Guess, Invicta, Kentucky, Rovagnati, Leo Joe, McFate , Polaroid, Blueir, Tommy Jeans, Pringles, Dimax, Chupa Chups, Savillo, Rubik’s, Cheesy, PlayStation, Crocs, Waco, Philadelphia, Kellogg’s, Adidas, Rovagnati, Disney, Alfimenail, Honor, Honor Magniflex, Pan Di Stelle, Smemoranda, Alphasigma, Moschino, Missoni, and Bulgari.

In short, Stardust’s assets today are: the communications agency available to brands, the proprietary media of more than 500 network influencers, a physical venue that, in addition to being a talent academy, is also a showcase for brands – Stardust house – and an in-house team of 50 supplier, and finally, stardust data platformThis is a proprietary platform – created in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY) Able to measure the performance of campaigns in real time, to better plan the communication path with customers by focusing on transparency regarding the performance of the activated campaign.

“It is a unique tool to provide companies with instant insight into the work of talented people. The analyzed data helps improve creators’ choice of a particular brand, showing real-time results for their performance and feelings toward their creativity and content. Data is collected thanks to stable and licensed APIs, with which Stardust will be able to create metrics and KPIs to align with its business model,” explains Mayra.

This particular platform is the last piece to be introduced into the Stardust model and – starting in 2022 – it will begin to be shared with customers.

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Stardust news coming in 2022

In addition to sharing the Stardust Data Platform with its customers, Stardust has big goals to achieve in its second year of life: “For 2022, passwords will be internationalization, diversification and increased recognition of the Stardust brand,” says co-founder Antonino Mera.

Indeed, in the new year Stardust is opening new homes in the United States (LA) and Dubaiand explore new business areas. A project in which there is still a certain reserve.

But not only. As the new year comes, Stardust intends to emphasize its nature as a true media outlet and is ready to welcome new challenges such as landing in the world of live broadcasting. Giorgio Panareello (in collaboration with Friends & Partners) which will debut on Twitch and Tik Tok In its original first format and number 100% of the title “From Boomer to Zumer”.

The figure will tell of the actor’s one-week experience as an “off-course” tenant at Stardust House. Full immersion with Generation Z and the talents who live there, aiming to learn all there is to know about TikTok and social networks, including funny graphics and viral dance. Every day’s progress and emotions will be told every night on Twitch via an original live show.

February would be a good time for StarworksThe first academy to train new influencers in Italy. Starting in the second half of the month for three weekends, six Italian cities, from north to south, will be the protagonists of this new adventure intended for all young people who want to start their influencer marketing path. The first stops will be in Milan, Naples, Rome, Palermo, Venice and Bari.

The project was born of a will Matthew Brilli, Client Partner & Strategy of Stardust, explains: “With Starworks, we have tried to provide a definitive answer to many young people who want to engage in one of what is considered the ‘career of the future.’ We look forward to being able to open and expand the doors to this first phase of the project. More and more during 2022.”

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Starworks will provide all of its students with exclusive courses in online marketing, creative writing, storytelling, video and photo editing through the collaboration of selected teachers. Intensive courses last 12 hours, divided into two days of continuous lessons.

And again: with the advent of the New Year, Stardust will also enter the world of esports with Dsyre: “The limit to the esports world is that it only talks to the esports world,” explains Stardust CEO Simone Giacomini. “With Dsyre we want to unite the world of communication and entertainment with the world of professional gaming, while making sure the esports world can truly talk, reach, and beat anyone.”

Lift, Aspire, Desire It is a claim that delivers well the values ​​that inspire Dsyre, a true talent incubator where for the first time competition, entertainment, street culture and influence speak the same language. Dsyre, in fact, will not be just a game house – it will open in the new year – but a true academy that combines professional gaming, the world of communication, design (the brand was created in collaboration with London designer Kwaku Amprako) and content creation, created in the wake of the Stardust House experience Very successful. But in addition to being a training academy for live broadcast creators and professional gamers, Dsyre will also be involved in video production, fashion, art and design.

“Thanks to all these projects and the strength of our model, We aim to triple our sales volume at least in the new year I realized this year and there are foundations to achieve this goal. Our first appearance in metaverso‘Giacomini concludes.

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