Soon it will disappear on these phones

Some phones will soon be considered obsolete and will no longer have the ability to use Whatsapp. Do you have one of them?

Whatsapp –

For years now, no one can do without using the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp. However, soon for users who own old smartphone modelsThis service will stop working.

Technology has made real giant strides in recent years. It didn’t take long, because the only way to communicate with others, in addition to classic phone calls, was to be able to write a text message with respect to the spam. Characters Allowed Available!

With the appearance of the previous smart phoneHowever, all this has become just a distant memory, thanks to the invention of the most used instant messaging service in the world: WhatsApp. This app is available for both Android and iOS; For the latter, however, they are important on the horizon the changes.

Stop using WhatsApp: Which devices are affected

Recently, the site WabetaInfo I reported news that owners of older iPhone models definitely won’t like it. According to what was reported by the previously mentioned portal, from October onwards Iphone 5 And iPhone 5C It would be impossible to continue using WhatsApp.

Iphone 5
iPhone 5 –

The reason for this is very simple. Older models of Apple smartphones, such as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, still use the iOS 11 operating system.

However, starting from October, WhatsApp will stop supporting both versions iOS 10 both of iOS 11. Thus, the only way to tackle this problem is to decide to buy a newer and modern iPhone model, in order to take advantage of the compatibility between WhatsApp and new versions of IOS.

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On the contrary, users have iPhone 5sAnd iPhone 6 And iPhone 6s He will, for the time being, be able to continue using the messaging app.

Utility updates

Since smartphones have been a part of our daily lives, we often get a notification about a new phone. system update.

iPhone update
iPhone is updated –

These updates are used to implement and/or improve the operation of our devices, as well as compatibility with applications.

Here, in this regard, the explanation provided by the site WabetaInfo Inherent in the end of WhatsApp support on older iPhone models: “Removing support for some IOS versions is necessary to continue with the latest features applied to WhatsApp.

By upgrading to a recent version, users get Benefits Even from security patches. Your system is always updated Recommended“.

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