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Three weeks after the first ascent of K2 in the cold season by the Nepalese Sherpa, a Bulgarian mountaineer Atanas Skatov loses his life by falling During the return to the base camp of the second summit of the planet. This is the The third casualty of this season After the Spaniards Sergey Mingut, Victim of an accident on January 16 – just in the hours ten Nepalese climbers reached 8,611 meters from Chuguri Peak – and yet an American of Israeli descent. Alex Goldfarb, Who disappeared the same day in Shepherd Peak, also in Karakorum.

“On Friday February 5, at around 10:30 a.m., our mission companion Atanas Skatov fell from a fixed rope Near Japanese Camp 3. He was climbing up a slope and was ahead a few meters from the sherpa that had seen the fall. Maybe atanas I made a mistake He switched his safety from one fixed stretch of rope to another and he fell. Our team equipped the course with new ropes that turned out to be intact. His body was recovered from the helicopter The army is about 5,500 meters above sea level at three in the afternoon (Eleven in Italy, ed.). Sona and Pechhumbe and I got into the situation and recovered the corpse. The military intervention was swift and extremely effective. My good friend Atanas have climbed ten “eight thousand” He was a highly appreciated member of our mission. My condolences to family and friends. Today we lost a great friend of the mountain. Rest in peace, Atanas. “

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this is The statement made by Chang Dawa Sherpa, Great Commander of Mission K2 of the Nepal Agency Seven peaks trips He gave the news of Skatov’s disappearance and the circumstances in which the accident occurred. The difference (about one thousand five hundred meters) between the altitude at which the accident occurred (about 7000 meters from the depression, the so-called “Japanese” field 3, the height is 7350 meters) and 5550 meters from the place where it was only possible to confirm the death of Skatov, and this alone explains The fatal outcome of the accident itself. Body of 42-year-old Bulgarian mountaineer, A native of Sliven, was evacuated by helicopter to Skardu with his girlfriend, who in recent weeks in Karakorum had followed the unfortunate mountaineer from the base camp and helped him. aGronomo, entomologist, vgano and ecologist well known in his country, Dr. Skatov has climbed ten of fourteen “eight thousand.” From Earth in just five years, it has reached, among other things, double Gasherbrum II summit, Dhaulagiri summit and Everest summit. The highest mountain on the planet was until the first “eight thousand” of Atanas, in 2014, on top of that along the difficult northern side, the Tibetan Mountain. Then Skatov returned there in 2017, this time from the south, Nepalese side. Four years ago also, with the rise of Denali (in Alaska), the Bulgarians completed Seven Summits Group, The seven highest mountains on the seven continents (with Antarctica distinguishing North America and South America).

Little doubts The trigger for the tragedy Near the “low” C3 (now above the black pyramid but at the start of the “shoulder”) e At human error, perhaps due to fatigue. Other mountain climbers (many who have participated in the past two days in the summit bid so far no one has yet succeeded) have passed the accident point without problems and Lakpa Dundee Then (Sherpa Skatov and an eyewitness to the tragedy) checked the safety of the rope for the mountaineers who followed down to the CB at the foot of the mountain.

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Member as mentioned in the Great Seven Peaks Expedition, Atanas is the third casualty of this season From winter it climbs on K2 and the third in Karakoram, Pakistan. On Saturday, January 16th, in the hours when the Sherpa people of Nepal reached the top of “eight thousand” seconds from Earth in their “first winter”, two accidents killed a large number of Skatov’s colleagues. Alex Goldfarb was losing his life At Pastore Peak, (six thousand two hundred meters high) during an attempted acclimatization light at 8,047 meters of the most challenging wide peak. Only on K2, falling to the bottom of the mighty mountain had fatal consequences 50 years old Catalan Sergei Mingut, Who was responsible for the mountain climbing portion of a SST flight. Pictured below, grouped under the tent in a clear moment at base camp, they are pictured from left to right Mingut, Skatov and Nirmal BorgaThe most famous and most attractive of the “summit”, Nepalese Gorka climber, members of the summit team on January 16th.

Culminating precisely three weeks earlier with historic Nepalese success, then the K2 winter season continued in the second half of January with occasional (but just as intense) phases. It was marked by bad weather and the consequent resumption of “courses” at high altitudes Through excursions in base camp, to allow mountain climbers to gradually rise in altitude and acclimatize In Vista Dell “push the top”They spend nights in the high fields. So far, however, none of the mountaineers present have been able to take advantage of A “window” for stable time (Even if temperatures reach sixty degrees below zero) which, having opened in recent days, shuts down relentlessly. Many members of the Seven Summits Expedition surrendered, Milanese climber Mattia Conte (Climbing alone) e South Tyrol Tamar Longer Who – after the resignation of his Romanian partner Alex Gavan (“tried” with the Mingut tragedy) – has joined his ranks Chilean Juan Pablo Mohr, Initially Mingote’s climbing partner. Only Mohr H. Icelandic John Snorry (With Pakistani Ali Sadbara and his son Sajid) they are the only ones At the time of writing it is still engaged in the attempt To reach the top of K2.

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