Should Jalen Hurts be the start of Eagles 2020? Could Travis Kelsey win the Best Offensive Player of the Year award? Judging in Week 14 of NFL reactions

Galen Horts Obviously, it wasn’t an overreaction.

If anything, you can say Eagles coach Doug Pederson Reduce the reaction to me Carson WentzHe struggles throughout the season by waiting until week 14 to take his place as a starter with the rookie pick in Round Two Hurts. But start it finally on Sunday, and it pays off with one of the most distant wins of the 2020 NFL season.

The Saints entered Philadelphia in nine straight victories, having won three times in a row Tissum Hill Reproduction of an infected Drew Press At the start of the mid-back, NFC South slipped into their back pockets for the fourth year in a row and set their sights on the best NFC rating.

The Eagles came in a four-game losing streak, with big questions about the high-priced midfielder and the future of their Super Bowl-winning coach.

So of course, the Eagles took a 17-0 lead and stuck to a 24-21 win. They both hurt And the Running back Miles Sanders They lunge over 100 yards against a team that has not even allowed a single striker to reach 100 yards in their last 55 matches. This, to put it together, is the reason they play games.

What’s the best place to start the 14th week’s over-reaction column of discomfort no one expected of us?

Galen Horts she has To be the star of the Eagles for the rest of the season

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