Padel Mixto, a success for the Romanian Punzo-Malizia couple

capital returns from Terni title of champions in this category Mixed padel. In a social inclusion event, a tournament for pairs consists of an able-bodied player (standing) and one with mobility impairments (in a wheelchair) held in the Padel Club MSP Italia Cup National Final, bringing success to the Romanian couple in the EcoPadel team, formed by Maximum grudge and Paralympic athlete Robert punch. “The proposal of Padel Mixto in the national finals of the MSP Clubs Cup testifies to the growth of a sports movement and testifies to the commitment of clubs and athletes to fuel it. – Benzo talk –. The next concrete objective is to provide gaming chairs in clubs, thus promoting the reception of practitioners with mobility impairments, by technicians oriented towards the participation of structures and competitions..

Progress has been made in providing easily adaptable chairs for potential visitors to padel clubs with mobility impairments – slag added –. We have gained experience in training and games dedicated to motor disabilities, shared the field of open competitions, observing the different functional abilities of athletes, to meet the challenges faced by people who are always and always will be disabled and in relative health. We must continue to appreciate the social and economic potential offered by Padel Mixto. It is in this spirit that the Entain Foundation and the grassroots sports movement take center stage. However, it is not about sterile celebration of the work done so far, but rather about reaching out to all the clubs who, at certainly sustainable costs, can approach new players with mobility impairments, for an affordable social and sporting enrichment. , for the best sharing of spaces, practice and even competitive events”.

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Badil Mixto: Faile’s words

“We are very proud to support the second edition of the Padel Mixto Club Cup, along with Sportinsieme Roma – said Andrea Faili, CEO of Eurobet Italia and Head of Entain Group in Italy –. The Entain Foundation has been cooperating for some time, also through its CSR award, with third sector associations operating throughout Italy with the aim of creating social value through sport. This initiative in particular, which we have embraced from the start and which we have seen grow year after year, is for us emblematic of how sport is managed to achieve full inclusion in a natural way. It is a very powerful tool for participating in the most beautiful and honest spirit of competition.”

Several partners who have supported the Club Cup again this year: Tap Air Portugal, Birra Tsingtao, which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, Barbados Tourist Board, Entain Foundation, Acqua Cottorella, Cisalfa Sport, One Padel, Italgreen and Rossi Mercedes agents Umbria. Media partners include: Corriere dello Sport-Stadio, Tuttosport, Prima Press, Sport Club, Today and Mr Padel Paddle.

Padel mixto arrangement

1 Roma (Lazio) – Roberto Ponzo – Massimo Malaysia

2 Frascati (Lazio) – Andrea D’Agostini – Fabio Massimo Molinari

3 Catania (Sicily) – Salvatore Vasta – Giampiero Monti

4 Pescara (Abruzzo) – Alessandro Polon – Michele Giancaspro

5 Vara in Sabina / Narni (Lazio / Umbria) – Marco Biancolini – Alessandro Capotosti

6 Viterbo / Narni (Lazio / Umbria) – Mauro Crattasa, Jacopo Pellicelli

7 Venice (Veneto) – Sauro Coro – Felice Dayilo

8 Taranto (Apulia) – Massimo Schibetta – Francesco Trinchida

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9 Padua (Veneto) – Mattia Ramina – Niccolo Ramina

10 – Grottaferrata (Lazio) – Alberto Lorenzetti – Roberto Bentini

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