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Rocco’s First Time for “Australia’s Uncle”

Trieste. They called him “Australia’s uncle”. It was, in fact, “Australia’s cousin”, but you want to bring up the proposal.

However, for Tristina’s fans, Mario Biasin was above all a providential man. Hope. This is a flash of light after a tunnel of crazy management and some questionable personalities after disasters in the field and courtrooms. The role, after all, Biasin never regretted. exactly the contrary. His visits to Trieste were few, and not even his video messages were so frequent, but there was always the feeling that a steady heart on the other side of the world was beating and reassuring the fans, that even in the darkest of times (and there are others, if there is), it would not Leave the union alone.

Mario Biasin was excited in May six years ago, after landing at Taiseira Airport with his son Jason, to greet Mauro Milanes. Little tiredness from 22 hours of travel in front of curiosity how Trieste and the expelled people would have welcomed her. The first official release of the president. The first public bath. Meetups, greetings, a catwalk and – damn the calendar – the risk of spoiling part of the party with a defeat to Venice. He didn’t even ask to stay at the hotel, Biasen, that day. He was immediately taken to Tristina’s home at Rocco Stadium. Field, this giant halberd, the seat. After lunch, he stopped in Prosecco at the training ground to say goodbye to the team. A few words express confidence and serenity on the eve of a difficult confrontation. The next day, press conference for presentation and audience meeting.

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“You forgot about us, but we didn’t forget you,” he began, strengthening the ties between Trieste and Australia. He had not allowed himself to be asked to speak of what Triestina would be. Openness to local entrepreneurs, willingness to collaborate with other clubs in the region, and need to be able to rely on areas in which first team and youth teams can train. The desire to bring Triestina back from the Italian league at the time to the professional leagues. And an appeal to the fans: “Sunday they come to the stadium wearing something red.”

An invitation accepted by the expelled, celebrating Biasin’s tournament on the field, accompanied by his son and Mauro Milanes, before the start of the match. Five thousand hope. “It was great, I just got excited.” And five months later, on his second visit to Trieste, he would say that sentence which best of all depicts the soul of the man who had left Trieste to make his fortune in Australia, in love with the Union. “We will get to the top. Slowly but with Morbin.”

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