The only person convicted is Fausto Giacheto

Patents and prescriptions for many of the accused.

Palermo – between prescriptions and acquittal on the basis of facts In the end the only accused convicted of the Chiappi scandal is Fausto Giacheto. The Palermo Court of Appeals sentenced him to three years and five months (initially he had 8).

He was acquitted is a former council member regional Luigi Gentile (Attorney Giovanni Rizzotti defended that he had already been acquitted on charges of corruption, and the lawyer had challenged the recipe for the exchange of vote), Carmelo Bellissimo, Sandro Compagnio (Defended by attorney Ottaviano Pavone, the accused, who spent time in pretrial detention, obtained the prescription in the first instance while there is now a complete acquittal) Salvatore Caputo.

There is no need to go forward due to the statute of limitations for part of the disputes against Giacchetto and for all the charges against Francesco Reggio (The former president of Chiappi, sentenced to 5 years and 8 months in prison), Stefania has expiredAnd the Gaspari Le Negro (The former executive director of the Regional Employment Agency, defended by attorney Marcelo Montalbano, was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison), Ornella Graziano e Giancarlo Ferrara.

The court, headed by Adriana Pires, ordered the confiscation of the equivalent of the assets in Giachito, in the amount of one million and 400 thousand euros, for Ornella Graziano up to 7600 euros and Giancarlo Ferrara up to 8250 euros.

According to the indictment: Giacheto was planning a massive scamCreate an illegal system of administration as you wish, thanks to the alleged consent of entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and politicians, fifteen million euros to deliver the Corap project. The defendants were charged in various ways to criminal associations (Giacheto and Reggio) with corruption, fraud and forgery in a public deed.

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