Results and positions, Italy in the bronze medal. He went to Germany

Cycling, Flanders World Cup 2021: results and standings Mixed relay, Italy with bronze. He went to Germany

Filippo Gana – Photography by Ragagnin Fabio, CC BY -SA 4.0

The Germany from Lisa Brenauer, Lisa Klein, Mickey Krueger, Nikias Arndt, Tony Martin NS Maximilian and the Shed He wins the gold medal and is the world champion in Mixed relay at Flanders World Championship 2021 of road cycling. The Italian hexagram consists of Eduardo Avigne, Filippo Gana, Matteo Sobrero, Elena Cecchini, Marta Cavalli so Elisa Longo Borghini She wins the bronze medal behind the Netherlands with the silver.

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Among the first block teams, despite a grueling start, he was Poland who, upon reaching the finish line, temporarily places himself in command of the arrangement in front of Spain. The time of the Iberian formation was soon undermined by United States of America, which in turn is overcome Great Britain NS Swiss. The Swiss, among the favorites on the eve of the match, narrowed a gap of more than 17 for the Britons to take the lead in the provisional standings. After a few minutes, it’s time for the big teams, with the blue trio made up of Eduardo Avigne, Filippo Gana and Matteo Sobrero Who scores the best time in front of Germany so Holland. However, upon change, the Germans became exceptional test champions allowing them to soar into the lead with a brutal 50:49.10, while the blue Elena Cecchini, Marta Cavalli and Elisa Longo Borghini They managed to maintain their place on the podium. over there Germany from Lisa Brenauer, Lisa Klein, Mickey Krueger, Nikias Arndt, Tony Martin NS Maximilian and the Shed He won the gold medal and was crowned the world champion in time trials; silver inHolland and bronze forItaly.

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  1. Germany 50: 49.10
  2. Netherlands +
  3. Italy +37.74
  4. Switzerland +
  5. Great Britain +54.99
  6. Denmark +1: 16.16
  7. Belgium +1: 03.21.2020
  8. United States +2: 09.68.001
  9. France +2: 51.79.2007
  10. Poland +3: 2318
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