Do you drive Alfa Romeo? You have a better chance of getting speeding tickets

If you live in United States of America And you have it in your garageAlfa Romeo Then at least once in your life you reconcile with one fine for speed. This is the data that emerged from research conducted by the American portal for online insurance quotes Insurify. According to the investigation From a total of 4 million data analyzedIn fact, Biscione cars have been registered Highest rate of speeding fines compared to average, this is beautiful + 41.45%.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio: here’s the web version

Alfa Romeo Giulia most fine غرام

So, according to Insurufy research, Alfa Romeo cars have been reported to be among the most fined for speeding, which we know are stricter in the US than they are in Italy. Among the most fine Alfa cars we find Alfa Romeo Giulia (16.35 out of 100 drivers), while among the least filmed by speed cameras there Stelvio (12.08 drivers out of 100).

Top 5 brands to be fined

However, in the United States, On average about 10.5% of motorists have been fined at least once for speeding. So, it goes without saying that other car brands have also collected a lot of penalties. Immediately after Alfa Romeo, in fact, we found Subaru With + 20,38% above average speeding fines, Volkswagen With + 17.77%And the Maserati With + 16,20% e RAM, the back of the top 5 with a +15,74% from average.

Here it is rating in detail:

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