Postal books and big news over the counter: what’s changing

News on the horizon for all Postal Book holders. A very nice change for this new 2022 year

Italian Post Office (Adobe Photo)

Important news for everyone in possession of postal books. Until now, Italians with Poste Italiane service had to go tonearest post office to them.

From today things are changing and all holders of brochures will be able to pay in cash in the same way that they withdraw, i.e. ATM machines From Poste Italiane. So let’s see how to pay cash in our postal book in this way.

Passbook, pay money from ATM: how to do it

new postamat
Postamat office (Pixabay)

Pouring cash into our mail book using the ATM of the Italian Post Office is very simple. The first thing to do, of course, is to Enter the ledger sheet In the specified slot of the ATM. After a few seconds, the message will appear on the screen: “Pay in cash”. At this point, you have to press “Pay cash” and yes Enter the PIN.

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At this point they can Enter the banknotes In the slot designated for banknotes. Only inline discounts can be entered Between 5 and 100 euros The bills should not have rubber bands or pins holding them together. After entering the number we want, the Postamat counter will display Payment Summary It clearly indicates the denomination of each banknote, the number of coins and the total.

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At this point we can decide whether to insert other paperwork or confirm the process. If we confirm the process it will be Print a paper document With all the payment details just made. So our process ends as follows: within a few minutes, we put some cash into our postal book.

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However, this process cannot be carried out at all Poste Italiane ATMs but Only through the new Postamat Cash – In. Currently throughout Italy, it is only available 20 ATMs Of such a kind that, in addition to the functionality just indicated, it also has advanced security devices.

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