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Pescara Airport: new routes to Machester and Memmingen

(REGFLASH) Pescara, May 25 – Fifteen total itineraries, averaging a total of 100 trips per week, 20 more than the period prior to the pandemic. Ryanair’s summer season ticket from Abruzzo Airport is the largest ever, presented today during a press conference. New this summer with the Irish company are two new routes: to Manchester, which leads to two connections with the UK, along with the historic destination London Stansted; and the road to Memmingen in Germany which also includes Düsseldorf. As Ryanair explained, the Pescara-based aircraft represents a $100 million investment, which has dramatically improved Abruzzo’s national and international connectivity. With 15 of the total 19 destinations at Abruzzo Airport, Ryanair covers nearly 80 percent of the connections and passenger flows that pass through the airport. Passenger transit data show a recovery in the sector: in April alone, the passenger flow amounted to 66,823 people, exceeding the figure recorded in April 2019, when the number of passengers was 66,370. Specifically, Milan Bergamo has 14 weekly frequencies; There are 6 frequencies in London. 5 for Brussels-Charleroi, three for Dusseldorf, Turin and Malta; Frequencies for Bucharest, Girona, Alghero, Trapani, Prague, Manchester, Memenje, Warsaw and Krakow. As for the tour schedule, Milan Bergamo runs every day; Wednesday and Sunday Bucharest; Barcelona Girona Wednesday and Saturday; Alghero on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Trapani Monday and Thursday; Prague Monday and Friday, Düsseldorf Monday, Tuesday and Friday; Manchester Wednesday and Sunday; Turin Monday, Tuesday and Friday; Brussels Charleroi Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; Memmingen, Tuesday and Saturday; Warsaw Monday and Thursday; London Stansted Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Malta Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; Krakow, Monday and Friday (REGFLASH) GILPET / 220525

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