Yazaki Italia fires three employees from Teams-

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Cgil and Cisl’s Complaint: They are working smart, they called and told them they were moving their management to Portugal

The Zoom layoffs must have made school, because from America they are now arriving in Turin. Today, Thursday, December 9 At Yazaki Italia in Grugliasco, three employees were fired from their workplace through a phone call on the Teams platform, denying them all access, and moving their business at cost to Portugal. Two of them are valid in Grogliasco, where 91 people work, and one in Pastorano (Cacerta). All three are over 40 and work smart as administrators. One of those, among others, was Rsu from Fisascat Cisl in Turin, 50, a mother and separated. This was made by the same union with Filcams Cgil. Yazaki is a multinational company that produces and markets electrical and wiring systems for automobiles that has Stellantis among its first customers.

There was nothing worth working with with rhythms and schedules that would be impossible to suggest in a complete health emergency. They also say it was absurd to receive ample reassurances about the company’s future in Italy during a union meeting on September 10, after the opening of the case of agitation by trade unions concerned with the unclear action plan that workers denounced. The two unions. Visakat and Wilkams demand the immediate opening of the confrontation with the trade unions in order to find alternative solutions to layoffs. In the event of no response from the company within three days The workers will cross their arms He will pretend in favor of colleagues who were left at home with a garrison. They were suddenly called by the Italian directors of the company, saying that the matter had been decided as such at the European level and that they could do nothing about it and expelled them – says Stefania Zulu of Fisascat Cisl Turin -. We had rumors of shutdowns and problems from Germany, being the Yazaki multinational, but at the September 10 meeting the company reassured us saying it was unfounded rumors. In 2021, Yazaki Italia introduced one day of layoffs and closed 2020 in profit – Zullo continues – but in contact with the three workers, the company said the health emergency affected them. Upon firing the three employees, he didn’t even think about the possibility of them being moved internally.

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Previous in Rusta

This company not only dialogues with the social partners, but also shamelessly fires its employees without warning, which shows that it has no respect for the dignity of workers who, before becoming workers, are human beings, still attack trade unions. Two years ago, a similar incident occurred in Rosta: 30 employees of Frc Allestimenti Speciali received a letter of dismissal on their mobile phones. Sent by the secretary in the corporate group chat. All while the company’s owner, Marco Brolito, lost track of it.

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December 9, 2021 (change on December 9, 2021 | 9:07pm)

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