Pellegrini-Giunta sposi: On Saturday the wedding is in Venice

Federica and Matteo’s wedding will take place at 4 pm in the Basilica of San Zacharias with 160 guests in attendance. Then everyone came to Isola delle Rose for the party organized by Enzo Miccio

Today came. Despite recent attempts to mislead (“Date? It might not be…”), Federica Pellegrini, the Italian god of swimming (and sports), and Matteo Giunta will marry on Saturday after nearly five years of courtship. The wedding, highly armored, will be celebrated at 4pm in the Basilica of San Zacharias in Venice, a ninth-century gem a few steps from San Marco, and will be presided over by Don Antonio Genovese, the former parish priest of Spinia who accompanied Fed on the spiritual path until confirmation. The wedding witnesses are the brothers of the newlyweds, Alessandro for her and Tommaso for him. Pellegrini will have five bridesmaids side by side, but the leading role will surely also be attributed to the four French bulldogs of the family Vanessa, Rocky, César and Bianca. The parts sung by the celebration were entrusted to Virginia Castanetti, daughter of Alberto, the national team coach and her second father, who passed away in 2009, entrusted to her by her parents after the 2006 technical crisis and who brought them to him. Two years on Olympic gold in the 200sl and world championship victories in Rome with the world distance record remaining undefeated. The mystery surrounding the bride’s dress: It seems, however, that it would not be by Giorgio Armani as anyone had imagined, given that the hero was his testimonial, and as the trips to Milan in recent weeks have shown, while the wedding rings will be. Damiani label.

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the party

160 guests attended, including number one Connie Giovanni Malaggi, Federica Alannini’s historic president and personal friend, while there won’t be Filippo Magnini, the husband’s cousin and ex-boyfriend Federica, not even Fognini and Benita as Fabio is in America for the US Open. For the guests, this morning there is an introductory party in Cipriani, while after the wedding everyone will move to JW Marriott Venice on Isola delle Rose for the actual party organized by famous wedding planner Enzo Miccio. Instead of bringing gifts, the guests were asked to help fund some charitable initiatives for two nonprofit organizations close to the couple. At the end of the evening, the couple will move to Hotel Daniele for their wedding night, where Matteo gave her an engagement ring in November and asked her to marry him. At the moment, there is no honeymoon: newly married Gonta-Pellegrini will be guests of honor at the Venice Film Festival and then at the Sports Festival in Trento. So the US, the honeymoon destination, can wait: “We picked them to keep track of our favorite spots when we were on the national team, he’s a coach and I’m a swimmer.” Pellegrini, who in June had a stag party on the island of Formentera with eight friends and dressed in a “bridal costume,” spent the last few hours before the event at her home in Verona, the city they are going to live in. . Their artistic partnership began in 2013, and their relationship dates back to 2017, but it only became official after last year’s Tokyo Olympics, Federica’s last high-profile competitor. best wishes.

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