On top of the waves in Dubai with surfing

Wakesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UAE. It is similar to surfing, but in addition to using a smaller board, it involves the rider being dragged by a special speedboat.

The rider uses a rope at the start and the motorboat generates a “standing wave” to ride. It is a sport that can be practiced on a lake or flat sea, as opposed to surfing in the ocean.

In Dubai, there are no less than seven companies offering Waxsurf activities in different locations. Sea Riders of Jumeirah is one of the different locations in the city where you can try this sport.

Hassan Gad Founder digitizerNot only does it want to help its clients improve their skills, but to build a community of surfers and ocean surfers.

“Dubai offers a lot in many sports, and this is where it excels. But especially in surfing, the boat here at Sea Riders is the best speedboat and the best spots. There is no wave here. This is one of the flatter areas that You have to come and train – Hassan says, adding that both the sport and the community are growing. – It attracts sports fans to come, learn and improve. We help them move up. We now have athletes competing in international competitions that started in the UAE. It’s extraordinary. And I hope to be One day one of those people.”

It’s not just beginners and amateurs who brave the waves in Dubai. Surf professionals come here from all over the world in the winter or off-season to train under the sun that shines here all year round.

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Anthony and Jennifer Edwards, a professional windsurfing couple, told us that Dubai offers great facilities, allowing them to train and prepare for competitions when it is very cold in the UK.

“Surfing gives a great feeling of freedom – Jennifer comments – All problems are forgotten, it’s pure fun. We were instantly overpowered.”

And her husband can only agree: “It’s the best feeling in the world. Sometimes it’s a very frustrating sport because it only takes a small change of motion to fall. So when you do everything perfectly, it feels great.”

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