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New Teams In F1, teams are defending the status quo

Formula 1 is also a matter of balance. Not only is it cheap, it must be complied with budget ceilingstructures, but also political ones. The battle between the FIA ​​and Liberty Media for control of a sport that is governed by the federation but which Americans have brought back in popularity around the world takes place on several fronts: one of them isEntry of new teams between 2025 and 2026and naturally aligns with the views of the teams already competing in the World Championships.

Yes, the opinion of the difference. This is a matter where teams’ hands are completely tied: however, they can count on it Liberty Media, “square” their interests against the FIA. As is known, the 10 teams want to keep a formula that works as is, and have no intention of dividing the pie by 11 or 12, with revenue lower if entry fees for new players remain at $200 million. Until now, Chris was one of the few who dared to talk about income Horner (his famous phrase)Turks do not vote for Christmas), and others – such as Frederick Vasseur and tutu Wolf Motivate their rejection with the issue of security and the absence of the added value that the new entrances will bring.

Vasir words

We have not changed the site at all: It can only make sense for F1 if it is a significant contribution in every direction. We often talk about the nationality of the team, but for me this is not a topic at all. F1 is not just a British championship with 70% of the teams based in the UK. Formula 1’s appeal depends more on the nationality of the drivers and has nothing to do with where the team comes fromVassier said at Silverstone.For me you have to buy an existing team. There’s a lot of buzz around F1 today, but you have to bear in mind that two years ago the team owners put in a lot of effort, and now getting in is even more rewarding. I repeat: if this entry is really a plus factor for all parties involved, why are we opposing it? But I don’t think we’re at that point today“.

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Wolfe’s words

We don’t know who applied, I think the FIA ​​and the FOM will decide on this new entry, assessing whether the proposal is beneficial for Formula 1 and what it brings us in terms of marketing and interest. Our position was very clear: they have to buy a team. Then there is the security issue: Let’s look at qualifying, it looks like we’re now on the go-kart circuit, we’re all connectedWolf added. “There is no major sports league in the world where another team could enter and compete for prize money. We need to work our way up and show the commitment we’ve all made over the years. If it brings us something, we need to think about it. In the past, when Formula 1 was about to lose teams due to bankruptcy, we increased the number of teams and no one complained. We felt we had to make sure we had ten teams on the grid and not lose any of them. I’m still convinced this is a set of perks: When someone comes along, it should be like in the NFL, where you ask the new team what they bring to the table. This task, I repeat, rests with the FIA ​​and the FOM, We can only comment from the “sideline”.. So far no one has convinced the teams, but we haven’t seen the questions sent to the FIA ​​and Stefano, and they will be the ones to judge if these questions are good for Formula 1 or not.“.

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