Lewis Hamilton, 14, makes a special day at the Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton made his first Formula 1 appearance at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix. He overtook Alonso in the first corner and finished on the podium.

Lewis Hamilton LGB Australia 2007 (Getty Images)
Lewis Hamilton LGB Australia 2007 (Getty Images)

March 18, 2007 is The first day of Lewis Hamilton’s new life. At 22, the first black driver in Formula 1 history makes his Formula 1 debut at the Australian Grand Prix. Still in the lead for four laps, he holds a long lead behind Fernando Alonso, two-time world champion and team-mate, to finish third.

Stirling Moss, the driver who has won the most races without ever winning a world title, Claims to have witnessed the performance of the future world champion. As Kevin Garside of The Daily Typography says, Moss spoke of Hamilton as an inspiration. “It’s the best thing that’s happened to Formula 1 in a long timeHe said.

“He’s the best guy I have ever seen in the first race in Formula 1. He was walking at the speed of a world champion.” Niki Lauda said. At the time, only three drivers performed better in the first race in Formula 1. First on the list is the Italian Ricardo Baguette Who won at Ferrari at Reims in 1961. Two others finished second in the first race in Formula 1: Mike Parks, On the same track and on the red, e Jack Villeneuve in the 1996 film Williams.

Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis: A Winning Combination
As for Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton was devoted to the obstinacy of those who considered themselves destined. At thirteen She accidentally bumped into McLaren’s manager Ron Dennis “I want to race with your team sooner or later,” he told him.

Denise believes in this boy, who in 2006 won a GP2, Formula 1 waiting room. “Lewis is a good man. He should keep focusing on his job, which is Formula 1” His father explains, “Ron is a very lucky man. “

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Hamilton by overtaking Alonso in the first corner

Lewis Hamilton with his father at the 2007 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix (Getty photo)
Lewis Hamilton with his father at the 2007 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix (Getty photo)

Hamilton’s announcement is overtaking in the first corner of the first race. Albert Park’s first restraint could be a trap For the inexperienced. Many have suggested caution to young Hamilton, who starts fourth on the grid, in second grade. However, the Brit is putting in place the move that will determine his season and beyond.

Locked by Williams Kubica On the inside track, Hamilton slows down a bit, passes behind and then overtakes him on the outside, also burning Alonso. Step by pilot is truly intuitive and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to win. To think outside the box, too.

Alonso is based on experience, not on the right track, as much as on the choice of strategy. It takes more fuel than its opponent in the first leg, and can extend the middle period of a race. Hamilton, slowed by Takuma Sato Super Aguri on his way back to the pits, He can no longer compensate for the deprivation.

“It was not an easy race, keeping the world champion behind most of the race was very difficult. I couldn’t be happierHamilton admits at the end of the race.

Father Anthony is proud, too.Nothing surprises me with Lewis, there aren’t enough superlatives to comment on his race. It would have been cool if he had scored. To be on the catwalk mad. “

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