Sepp Blatter: “It is wrong to hold the World Cup in Qatar”

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08.11.2022 – 08:52

The former FIFA president comments on the previous decision: “Bad choice, I take responsibility as president.”

ZURICH – ‘Bad choice’, comments former FIFA president Sepp Blatter after his decision to play in the World Cup in Qatar. In fact, the country would be too small for an event of this scale: “Football and the World Cup are too big,” Blatter said in an interview published today in the Tamedia newspapers. “It was a bad choice. I took responsibility for that as president at the time,” says Blatter.

Originally, the Executive Committee wanted the 2018 World Cup to be entrusted to Russia and the 2022 edition to the United States. “It would have been a gesture of peace if the two political rivals had hosted the World Championships one after the other, but the important votes then went to Qatar,” Blatter said.

Speaking about his recent acquittal of fraud before the Federal Criminal Court (TPF), the former FIFA president declared: “It was not a second-degree acquittal.”

In October, the Federation’s General Ministry lodged an appeal against the acquittal of Blatter and former UEFA President Michel Platini. Blatter says he does not understand why the ruling is appealing, but the fact that it was only the MPC, not FIFA, that appealed is a sign of relaxation for him.

“The court ruled that the sum of 2 million was acceptable compensation for the services rendered by Michel Platini to FIFA – the disgraced former president confirms – everything happened in a transparent manner.”

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For Blatter, in fact, the opening of investigations will be linked despite the Americans, with whom the Public Prosecution of the Federation cooperated, who did not understand the decision to assign the World Cup to Qatar. The former FIFA president admits that there is no evidence of this but declares with confidence: “History will show how things went.”

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