Let’s stop making this huge mistake and organize the garden in a great way

During this time, everyone tries to make their garden as fertile as possible. Indeed, spring provides us with the opportunity to dazzle guests and neighbors with truly wonderful greenery.

In order to do the best job possible, it is a good idea to put some helpful techniques into practice. Even if we don’t realize it, in fact, sometimes we make mistakes that threaten the quality of green in a home. So let’s see how to avoid the most common ones of all. Let’s stop making this huge mistake and organize the garden in a great way.

The easy solution

What we always get wrong with is being guided by instinct, and not planning our garden well. This makes our green aesthetics not very organic. So let’s see how to approach its regulation in a more rational way.

What we need to do is very simple: let’s prepare ourselves with pen and paper. Then let’s try to understand what our needs are, and let’s get it written. What is the purpose of our garden? To be a place of rest to be placed inpurpose? Then we will need a quiet, secluded area with a few trees nearby to hang it.

Alternatively, we may want our children to have a space to play. In this case, we need a large, flat area in which to place the slide or some “carousel” for the kids’ fun.

More accuracy means better results

We can certainly limit ourselves to making a list, but for good planning it would be better to do more. Let’s go and measure the total size of our lawn. Then we draw the map and divide it into different areas. Here is the flowers, here is the relaxation zone, and here again the play area. There is no need to be an expert architect, just a sketch.

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Let’s stop making this huge mistake and organize the garden in a great way. Just do some organic work, you start to get things organized really well. Just paper and pen and a moment to think about what we really want.

For those who are just starting to prepare the garden, we recommend this Article.

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