Report: Too many vaccinations for the elderly, Aifa’s mistake in Moderna that led to more doses being given

Between September and October, during the immunization campaign, the elderly received the wrong amount of Moderna’s vaccine. All because of an error in the communication between Eifa and the Ministry of Health. He will talk about it tonight a report In a report on the third dose signed by Manuel Bonacoursi and Lorenzo Vendimiel, expected today in Happening every day. The bug was born with the third dose and the green light for frail people over the age of 60. When Aifa gave the go-ahead on September 9 for the booster dose, she indicated the use of an mRNA vaccine. this is o Pfizer NS modern. But in a full dose. While for immunosuppressants it is called an “extra dose”, for the elderly it is a booster or booster to restore protection. For this reason, the service explains that the dose of Moderna can have a lower dose.

And to point out that it was the same company, as shown in the documentation accompanying the vaccine: the increase in antibodies is practically identical, but by halving the amount you get twice the doses. Additionally, “the research saw a trend toward less interaction.” This means, lower risk of adverse reactions. But when Aifa recommended both products, he wrote that “based on current knowledge, the recommended dose for the booster dose is the same as the dose authorized for the initial cycle.” Our modern application submitted to the FDA and Ema is dated September 3, which is six days before Aifa’s decision. Which prompted the ministry to refer the matter to vaccination centers to give a full dose: 100 micrograms instead of 50. On October 8, the ministry changed its mind and limited the use of Pfizer only. Meanwhile, 30-40 thousand elderly people, according to the report’s calculations, received the full dose.

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