“Let’s act to save public health”

FLORENCE, June 13, 2023 – “We all participate. Let’s save the public health that is now on the brink of collapse.” It is the call that Peter DatolopresidentMedici Order of Florence, in support of the meeting on 15 June at La Compagnia Theater on Via Cavour, organized by Inter-union United for health. Doctors, health directors, citizens’ associations and veterinarians will join the mobilization in defense of the national health system. “Long waiting lists, closing wards, shrinking beds, reducing staff to the bone, the National Health System has for more than a decade been plagued by defining serious problems that force thousands of people to turn to individuals while those who cannot afford them are desperately abandoned. “Investment in public health cannot be 6% of GDP: in America it is 17%. We spend almost half as much in Germany, a third less than in France and England. And this fundamental good, laid down in The Constitution, which is the public and free national health system, is in a real crisis.”

Pnrr will not solve problems: European money will be used – as Dattolo explains – to create structural works, but what we need are more resources and personnel to protect public order. More money is needed, at least another 8 billion, from the National Health Fund that can be distributed to the regions. We need to hire graduate students and we need to go beyond the spending cap imposed on regions for hiring health care staff.” The cuts affect professionals as much as citizens: There are fewer and fewer doctors in emergency rooms, and to support the service they will be replaced by doctors from already struggling wards. We need the resources, the protection of those working there, and the care of the structures.”

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