Australia wins the Intimalente Film Festival. Many of Caserta’s students are also champions

Australia wins the Intimalente Film Festival.  Caserta's students were also champions on the final evening

Impermanence, directed by Australian director Elliot J. Spencer yesterday at the thirteenth Intimalente Film Festival. The International Film and Documentary Competition was hosted at the Costantino Municipal Theater in Caserta from 14 to 17 December and had extraordinary success with the public. The festival was directed by Augusto Ferraiolo, Pasquale Corrado and Rino della Corte, organized by the Municipality of Caserta in collaboration with Olà Fabbrica Creativa, sponsored and contributed by the Campania Region, the Campania Film Commission and a contribution from the University of Campania Studies Luigi Vanvitelli. It started as a small festival more than a decade ago, and now the IntimaLente has become so big, that it is considered the festival of the city of Caserta, as reiterated by Mayor Carlo Marino and a member of the Council for Culture.

During the last evening, the German Jo Peter was awarded the School Prize also with “Thaipusam / Trance for the Son of Shiva” and the Audience Award won by the Italians Artemide Alfieri and Angelo Cretella with “La carovana bianca”. Also characters are Caserta students from the Mattei Institute and the San Leucio School of Art. The guys at Doc Scuola Project conceived, produced and created the two documentaries “Casertaduemilaventidue” and “Il Giovane Luigi”, the latter freely inspired by the life of Luigi Vanvitelli and produced at WWF San Silvestro Oasis. Moreover, the representation of the Liceo Classico Giannone gave the school award winner.

Several guests followed each other on the stage of the Comedy Theater. From Maria Raffaella Faggiano, who gave master classes with students on film production in the morning, to director Luca Gianfrancesco, from Michele Citoni, journalist and video maker, MAVI / Museo Anthropologico Visivo Irpino, winner of the eleventh edition Intimalente, to Michele Gravino, journalist at La Repubblica newspaper, from Jane Lindsay of John Cabot University, laureate of the 12th edition of Intimalente, to Lucia Monaco, delegate of the third mission of the University of Vanvitelli, from Director of the Instituto Mattei Roberto Papa to Alfredo Ricciardi, Deputy General Director of Bcc Terra di Lavoro San Vincenzo de’ Paoli, from Gino Licata, Mimì Ciaramella, Pietro Ventrone, PierPaolo Veltre and Alfonso Brandi to Pina Valentino and Maria Teresa Carlà, or rather Le Lumere, who ended the festival with a captivating Tamurata with all the students on stage to dance.

During the days of the festival, the docu-reportage of the journalist from Caserta Eliana Riva about the Lebanese refugee camps in Sabra and Shatila and the film project “Ritorno a Tora” by Luca Gianfrancesco will be presented in national preview. The organizers who worked behind the scenes deserve a mention: Salvatore Del Prete, Martina Del Prete, Gianni Genovese of Genovese Management, Valentina Piscopo, Brillante Massaro, Marcella Pecerno, Lillo Ferraro, Pino Della Corte.


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