Kunti-Macki seconds later in the 2022 MK John Wilson Cup! Great performance by Azzurri – OA Sport

Start making a fuss of blue colors for2022 MK John Wilson Cupthe fourth stage of 2022-2023 ISU Grand Prix Snowboarding Organized this week in Sheffield, UK. In the opening race of the show pairs shorts Sarah Conti-Nicolo Mackie finished second Temporarily improving his best.

Barbara Looney students are They were unified performers in all respectsIt started with a level 3 triple twist and continued with a triple The rittberger was fired perfectly. After the triangular ladder was worked in parallel, without worry, the athletes then revised the elevator reverse lasso (Level 4), Step Chain (Level 3), Spiral Turn and Combo (Both Level 4).

Also get an excellent response in the second result Sarah and Nicolo collected 68.69 (38.05, 30.64), drilling A A very important eight-point groove by German stalkersLetizia Rocher Louis Schusterthird parties at 60.24 (32.64, 27.60).

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It is clear that the test winners have won it among the top candidates in the group, Or the Americans, Alexa Knirim, Brandon Fraser, also authors of Clean and Excessive Positive Performance rated 75.88 (41.36, 34.52), the new best season. Finally, the second blue couple also did well, Irma Caldara Ricardo Magliocurrently in sixth place with a score of 55.70 (31.57, 24.13) with good chances to rise in the heat, scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, November 12, starting from the Italian 19:37.

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