Jordan and Prince Hamzah were accused of conspiracy: “I will not obey the generals’ orders but I will remain loyal to the king. “

“Obviously, I will not obey when I am told that I am not authorized to do so Get out, For tweeting, communicating with people and that I am only allowed to see my family. ”24 hours after his arrest the prince Hamza (Pictured with his wife Nour, 2004) Accused of plotting against his half-brother, Malak Jordan Abdullah II, In logging on Twitter He declares that he will not obey the orders of the Chief of Staff General Youssef Huneiti, “As much as they are wholly.” inconcepibiliIt is about Determinants Which the authorities want to impose on him because he is accused of conspiring with him Components Foreigners To “destabilize the country,” and threaten national security. Always available TwitterHowever, the prince declares that he does not want “to do anything that could lead to the creation of a file escalationIn the evening came the comment of King Abdullah II himself, who decided to “address the issue of Prince Hamzah bin Hussein within the Hashemite family” by entrusting his uncle with this task, Hassan bin Talal. Prince Hamzah had “confirmed that he adheres to the approach of the Hashemite family and the path” set by the king. A strategy that seems to fit even the half-brother who emphasized her “Stay loyal” to the king: “I will remain faithful to the legacy of my ancestors, His Majesty the King and his Crown Prince, and I will put myself at their disposal.”

The Arrests Carried out by the authorities yesterday – at first there was talk of 20, then it was confirmed that people stopped 18 – Provoke the Great interestAs well as for Brussels. “L”European Union Closely follows the latest events on Jordan. The European Union and Jordan have a strong and solid partnership. We will continue to support Jordan And his people. A spokesman for the European External Action Service said, “The European Union fully supports King Abdullah II and his mediating role in the region.” Nabila Masrali, Sue Twitter.

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Thwarted the “conspiracy” – The government announced that the intelligence services “foiled a.” Story mode“After it becomes clear that the officials” move on from planning for work18 at least ArrestedAccording to the Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi. A few hours ago, BBC He had released a video that he had broadcast Hamza, Who was reported to have been placed under house arrest in his building. While the word “coup” was circling, undisclosed, the Emir said that the army appeared yesterday at his home and told him not to go out, communicate with the outside world, or meet anyone. He added to him telephone service e Internet It’s cut short, and soon the satellite he’s been recording the message with will be too.

Hamza Talk about prof punishment For his participation in meetings in which he criticized the king. It was not mentioned AbdallahBut he said the Energy System decided so Interests PersonalAnd financial corruption It is more important than the life, dignity and future of 10 million people. ”He added,“ I am not going back to any ConspiracyA nefarious organization or an externally backed group, as it is always said here to anyone who says crucial things. ”Two alti Officers A relative of the arrested prince, as well as 14-16 others.

Safadi Quote among them Bassem Ibrahim AwadallahResponsible, with various relationships Persian Gulf states, Who was planning to leave country with his wife. He said, “There is coordination between him and the prince, but I will not go any further.” When asked if it is Hamza It was reported that he would be charged. He replied that at the present time there were “friendly” attempts to manage the situation, but “the kingdom’s stability goes beyond” everything. Queen Noor, Amal Hamza, He tweeted to support him: “I pray for that Reality e Justice We have the best innocent victims of this evil Ejaculation. May God be pleased with them and save them.

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Hamza In 2004 he had previously been denied the title of crown prince re AbdallahFive years after the latter took over the king after the death of their father Hussain. In the monarchy, it is rare for family “disputes” to openly explode. Meanwhile, various countries rushed to express their support for the king. Among them was the US State Department, which spoke of him as a “major partner”. Support for Abdallah As it came from The Arabian Peninsula Saudi, the two seas, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Israel. Stability in Jordan It has long been under surveillance in the region, especially since then Trump administration Sided strongly with IsraelBlockading the Palestinians. over there Jordan He is the guardian of the holy places Jerusalem It hosts a large number of Palestinian refugees. After the peace of 1994, between Israel e Jordan Recent years have witnessed moments of tension, especially with regard to the Palestinian issue.

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