Jeep Avenger 4×4 2024: preview, drive, launch

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Jeep – Avenger, 4×4 arriving next year “}, {” type “:” image “,” small_url “:” /01/16/jeep_avenger_4x4_2024_anticipazioni_motore_output/gallery/rsmall/2022-Jeep-Avenger-4×4-Concept-05.jpg”,”big_url”:” /news/ new-models/2023/01/16/jeep_avenger_4x4_2024_anticipazioni_motore_output/gallery/rbig/2022-Jeep-Avenger-4×4-Concept-05.jpg”,”caption “:”

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Even before detection 4xe concept At the Paris Motor Show, the future of all-wheel drive has already been written in the genetic code of The Avenger Which, although it has more career and urban dimensions (4.08 meters in length) and is very compact for a Jeep, remains faithful to the all-wheel drive, which is the pillar of the brand. At the Brussels Motor Show, the House of Representatives also indicated an official timing for the arrival of the 4xe version: “It will be in 2024,” confirmed Antonella Bruno, the number one of Jeep’s European activities, to the English newspaper Autoexpress.

Jeep Avenger 4×4 Concept: The B-Suv is truly off-road ready

For now, it’s front-wheel drive, electric or petrol. Thus, those who expected the scope to be completed in a shorter time will have to wait. Instead, The House, for its part, will have a chance to ride the heat for a long-awaited model, and for several days now, too: In fact, the Avenger won Car of the Year 2023, leaving behind, among other things, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz and the Nissan Ariya: announced on the occasion of the Belgian Motor Show. Currently, with only front-wheel drive, the Baby-Jeep is offered in most markets exclusively at Electric version, powered by a 156 hp and 261 Nm engine backed by a 54 kWh (51 mesh) battery, for an advertised range of about 400 km. The exceptions are Italy and Spain, the only markets where an endothermic avenger is also currently offered (Here are the prices), equipped with a 101-horsepower 1.2 turbo petrol engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Electron Integration: Bev or Hybrid? The Avenger’s dual spirit is made possible by the platform, an evolution of Cmp’s Stellantis range, on which the B-Suv is built: a multi-power platform ready to welcome the arrival of a second traction engine. And if it is proved, on the one hand, that The Avenger It will become 4×4 by adding an electric unit to the rear, and the house has not yet resolved the doubt about the nature of the drive system of the integrated version: will it be electric or a hybrid? In that sense, not even the 4xe branding—which Jeep uses to identify electrified SUV models—helps resolve reservations, as the manufacturer can refer to both fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

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