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Panathlon club Rovigo with its president Gian Paolo Milan, in an indoor club with Panathlon from Adria and Delta del Po, with president Filippo Carlin, gathered for the usual Christmas dinner on Thursday 16 December at the Hotel Cristallo.

The evening was celebrated in the presence of Professor Giovanni Boniolo, President of the Accademia dei Concordi of Rovigo, a university professor in Ferrara and not everyone knows that he has a past as a great athlete. At the age of 16, she made her Serie A debut with Petrarca Padova Basket, of which she was also its president.. Padoan, now in Rovigo by adoption, is a man of great culture and a cyclopean approach, still training every day. A physical and mental necessity, because sports help to feel comfortable. He tackled various topics, including sports, play, amateurs and professionalism. He analyzed the state of professional sport in Italy, in comparison with the concept prevailing in the United States, passing through the United Kingdom. Passionate intervention, when he touched on the world of sports enthusiasts, he also gave personal examples when he walked on the parquet floor of the most important Italian gyms.

During the meeting, three members who have exceeded 50 years of membership in the club were honored. They are Vittorio Cugo, Antonio Guglielmo Crivlin and Umberto de Filippo. At the beginning of the evening, the Panathlon Rovigo club registered the entry of new members, well-known athletes and managers with a long curriculum.

Russian Nino 200 matches in the Italian league, 114 goals, and won two league titles in 1977 and 1979 with Rugby Rovigo. Graduated in Sports Science, retired from 2018 after 43 years of teaching Not everyone knows he started in athletics, specializing in Pole Jumping, with Libertas di Rovigo in the student category. With the national rugby shirt, he made his debut in Zagreb in 1973, 17 official matches and over 50 selections, a real institution in Rovigo.
In 1991 he founded Rovigo Golf Club with some friends, and established the 9-hole golf course in Viale Tre Martiri. Encouraged many initiatives related to golf and schools, in 2019 thanks to regional funds, he established the Academy of Golf, the first golf facility in the school environment at the Agricultural Institute “Monerrate” in Saint Apollinari.

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Also among the new members Renato Poitou, Freelancer from 2017 to 2019 is the president of the Boara Pisani Tennis Club. In 1990 he obtained a CAMS diving license. He played football at a good level in the first and second categories, and practiced volleyball at the amateur level and tennis at the amateur level.

Mario Vallis, From Rovigo, he started playing football in Rovigo as a boy, but then his true passion was martial arts. Judo participated first with the Nippon Club of Rovigo in the Triveneto Championship and then in 1999, he approached another combat sport such as Kick Boxing, in the Asd Area Sport. He is a black belt (II Dan) and has received the technical qualifications of a coach and coach as well as the technical qualifications of a coach in the “Tatami” and “Ring” competitions. Possessing the technical qualification of Muhay Thai Coach (Thai Boxing), he also holds the position of Director of the Asd Area Sport of Rovigo in which he is registered. Not only football and martial arts in his athletic approach, he was also a swimming coach, taking care of Rodegina’s athletic training for powerlifting and, at 12 Hours of Jesolo, a valid test of the Italian Kart Endurance Championship. In 2015 he founded Asd 5 Cerchi, who is also its president, a currently inactive association dealing with modified sports activities.

Two new topics related to the world of cycling. Massimo Rossi He started with football, then at the age of 25 he decided to vent his passion for cycling by starting to practice it at an amateur level and in 2015 he was elected president of the Emic Bosaro Cyclists Group, a glorified Paulcinian company. New member of Panathlon Rovigo Mervano Mazetto With a long career as a sports director. Director of Asd Villadose Angelo Gomme from 2003-2004, from 2005 to 2016 he was Vice President of Gc Bosaro Emic and in 2017 he was also Vice Chairman of the FCI’s Rovigo County Committee, a position he held until 2020. In the same years he was a member of the Youth Committee of the Veneto Regional Committee. In 2016 he was awarded the Executive Bronze Cycling Merit Medal. Este Cycling Club Director in 2020, is back on the Gc Emic Board of Directors. During the collaboration with Gc Bosaro Emic, in coordination with the Rovigo County Commission, he participated in the Pinocchio bike associated with the State Police’s Project Icaro, a road safety educational activity, at the Rovigo County Primary School. As of this year, he is a member of the Youth Committee of the Veneto Regional Committee and Chairman of the Fci Rovigo District Committee.

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